A Real Vampire Lays it Out for Us

For all of you who are getting tired of the many, many new takes being put on vampirism through movies like Twilight and shows like True Blood, there’s a real vampire who is now here to set the record straight for us. Of course, there are lots of real vampires walking among us mere mortals but this one’s quasi-famous because she appeared on the Comcast on Demand special series Vampires Revealed.

This series started at the end of last October and only ran for a few episodes. The show threw the spotlight on three real-life vampires, one of them being Seregon O’Dassey. O’Dassey is a real-life vampire who once used to belong to a court but now kind of runs around doing her own thing, which is mainly trying to get into show biz. O’Dassey dispelled many vampire beliefs while on Vampires Revealed and now that she’s somewhat made a name for herself, she continues to give interviews and talk about what it’s like to be a real vampire.

The last episode of Vampires Revealed was aired on November 2, 2009 but we found an interview with Seregon O’Dassey, which you can find here. In the interview she talks about how the world of real vampires is changing today and she also talks about the different vampire scenes in cities such as New York vs. New Jersey. She also does touch on how she does actually drink blood and how she goes about doing that and why. She gives strong caution that no one should drink too much because blood can act on the body as a natural laxative. What I personally found most interesting about the interview was when she talks about how the vampire community works like a government unto itself. Not because they feel free to break laws but because they have people that they must report to, and responsibilities that are expected of them. Seregon talks a little about what life was like for her in a court, and more specifically, why she left.

It sounds like Vampires Revealed would have been a real breath of fresh air after the bombardment of interpretations and twists on vampire beliefs that have been flooding the tubes and big screens lately. Maybe Comcast on Demand will realize that vampires, especially real ones, are especially on demand and they’ll do another series.


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  2. I know there are real vamps out there among us. I just didn’t know i would be able to prove it to my dad so quick. He believes in nothing bet the bible.It sucks! :( Try Living up to his expectations… And im only 13.
    Its as boring and as hard as can be.
    I gave up years ago. :P
    Vampires are my life so if you have anything against them you can f*** off!Kepp your stupid fantacies to yourself. Lifes not all sweet like you think it is. Suck it up and admit your wrong. The truth is out there and will be found, one way or another. And to the vampires out there some of us out here(like me) who aren’t here to hurt you. COME OUT, COME OUT, WHERE EVER YOU ARE. I’m here to help.

    1. Well a human fear what they don’t understand and so it would be better if you just keep to yourself 1 day truth will catch up to him you c i was once held down by my ah……………. unbelieving friends and family that also only believe in the Bible where as i was so confused after a while that it was like my religion i did not no which to believe until ………………… well things happened …………………….

    2. I totally agree!! My grandma iz the same way. If i even say the word vampire, she flips out and does the freaky cross thing! my dad isnt a christian, but he believes strictly in science. My mom iz some crazy hippy…im not even sure what she iz. my point iz, im not excepted by my family becuz of what i believe. I dont think thats rite. I honestly dont know my religion yet. Im pretty sure im athiest…4 now. Im not sure. but i think ppl shud be more open minded. Hear our sides b4 u disagree! it just makes me so mad…

      1. Hey,
        i’m sorry to hear about your family. i’m pretty much in the same problem. i want to learn but i cant because of my family well g2g

    3. Vampires don’t exist, you know. If you look at it logically, should vampires exist the human population would NEVER have reached anywhere near eight billion. Back in the tribal days or even in villages the vampires could have easily wiped villages off the face of the Earth. In the modern day, if people were being bitten and their blood drained, it’d be on the news. There’d be more press on it than on presidential debates. If they only turned them, then there’d be even more vampires to drink and kill humans.
      But the basis for the mythos of a vampire does exist. A disease, sometimes even groups of disease, can cause vampiric behavior. One disease though, a genetic group of diseases that defects the production of hemoglobin in the body, seems to be the main root of this vampire mythos: Porphyria. It causes a sensitivity to sunlight, seemingly enlarged canines, loathing of garlic and a need for blood. However, their canines do not develop to fangs like in shows, the lips and gums draw back and are tightened to merely look like fangs. The craving of blood isn’t for purposes to ‘feed’ like the rest of the human population, as these afflicted with Porphyria are just human, it’s for certain things found in blood, predominantly being hemoglobin as that is what the disease impairs. They would still require the same food we eat, though, as blood is hardly a diet one could survive on, Porphyria or not. The infamous hatred of garlic is due to a chemical or chemicals that worsen the condition, not because it’s a warding of evil.
      Vampire then, right? But, the disease is genetic, so a person with Porphyria can not give the disease to another person by biting them, it’d run in families. The very nature of the disease would limit a person’s life, making them far from the legendary immortality of vampires. Super-strength would be just as improbable as Porphyria is constructed to weaken a person into needing to drink blood and gain vital elements from it. Though, it would really depend on the person it affected, as it could be a genius and it could be a body-builder.
      Personally, I love vampires, and I loved them long before Twilight or Vampire Diaries. Who doesn’t love the thought of an immortal apex hunter in humanoid form preying on human necks during the dead of night?

  3. FINALLY! A VAMPIRE OUT THERE STEPS UP AND DEMOLISHES SOME OF THE MYTHS OUT THERE! I am 1 of the only people in my friends that actualy believe in vampires. No one in my family believes in them. Maybe i should prove myself right with this. And my friend was right….. compared to the intreview…….HE IS A VAMPIRE! I wish that there were more vampires out there that would step up like her…..in my life time, I must’ve met/seen many of them.

  4. What kind of a ‘vampire’ would be stupid enough to reveal itself….yeah, not likely. This is just some wannabe emo freak trying to be the real deal. Seriously. I believe they exist, but I also believe they’re smarter than that.

  5. hy i believe in vampires but my family doesn’t so i dont understand what to do?
    plzzzzz reply as fast as u can.

  6. So while I looove Vampire stories, have an incredibly open mind, and hang on to the belief that “anything’s possible”…I’m not completely blind, Seregon O’Dassey is just an actress trying to find her niche in the world. She is not a vampire.

  7. yeah i beleave in vampire but i dont think this is one they would not expose there selfs like this. same here no one in my family beleaves in them.

  8. She loves the taste of blood, hates the sun and if you ask, she will tell you she died in a train accident back in 1892.. awesome! She’s also hot!

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