A Sanctuary for Vampires

Ever watched Sanctuary on SyFy? Probably one of the best shows ever on the channel, –except of course for Being Human and maybe Mad Mad House. Anyway, I love the show. It’s premise is: there are billions of “abnormals”, –mythical creatures of folklore, legend, mythology, and more, scientific anomalies, aliens, bacteria. Mermaids and cavemen and even… vampires. As a matter of fact, the main character and figurehead of the ‘Sanctuary’, a network dedicated to protecting the innocent and controlling the predatory abnormals, has a secret. Her and four of her closest friends in college, over a century ago, decided to inject themselves with a rare and ancient amount of pure vampire blood. Why is the blood rare and ancient? Because vampires were exterminated by humans hundreds of years ago.

Helen Magnus, received immortality as a power; her lover at the time (who later became Jack the Ripper because entanglement with an energy creature drove him to violence) John Druitt gained the power of teleportation; Nigel Griffin gained the power to become invisible, which he passed down to his granddaughter Clara Griffin, who sadly, dies at the end of season one; James Watson, the real-life (at least in the show) inspiration for Sherlock Holmes; and the best saved for last, Nikola Tesla, based of course on the real life electrical engineer of the same name, –he gained the physical strength, hunger, longevity, and transformational ability of the vampire.

So in a very real way, this show is about a hybrid vampire; or at least, has vampires in its core. What’s sad though, is that except for Nikola Tesla and the other four, who are quickly dropping off the planet, there are no vampires left. The blood that they managed to find again was used to create monsters in a lab, and Helen wiped them out, including her own daughter, to keep them from taking out the Sanctuary network. These ‘Super Abnormals’ were being used by a powerful organization called the ‘Cabal’ who is dedicated to eradicating the threat of abnormals. Whereas the Sanctuary houses them, and helps them integrate into society, if at all possible. The vampires in Sanctuary’s universe were an intelligent species, who made many advances in science, as well as the arts, –the devil is in the details though, and unfortunately, one of those details was that they enslaved the human race.

The human population fought back though, killing all of the vampires except a few that managed to hide away in a secret city in the Himalayas, –unfortunately, the city was destroyed as well, with the last of the vampires. Now all the vampire DNA in the world exists in Helen Magnus, and the last couple living members of “The Five”. Oh and her daughter, if Ashley (ha! named after meee!) has actually managed to survive somehow. I’m about 2/3 through the second season, so I’ll probably post a new update a couple weeks from now, to further elucidate on the vampires in the show. And there’s a new season starting up this fall, which is going to definitely bring more vampire action, –at least, I hope it does. Who knows, they might end up being totally vetoed from the series. But I hope not.

By annimi

Ashley writes for Vampires.com, Werewolves.com, and other sites in the Darksites Network. She's involved in several seedy and disreputable activities, smokes too much, and spends her late nights procrastinating for work on her first novel.


  1. hey might check it out! saw the commercial on syfy and kinda thought it was “just another syfy tv show” so i didn’t watch it but now i might! thanks Ashley!

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  3. I’m going to have to check out this show now. With all of my shows over for the season I’m going to need something.

  4. I really like the show, I first start watching it because Amanda Tapping (know as Amanda Carter in SC-1 and Helen Magnus in Sanctuary) is the main character and the producer of the show but I soon started liking it for its story line.
    the vampire aspect is left out a lot which isn’t that bad ’cause you get to meet a lot of abnormals which is cool.

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  7. The trope of vampires as a persecuted minority group is not new- we saw it in “My best Friend is A Vampire”(1987), “The Little Vampire”(20000 and more recently “True Blood”!

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