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I spoke too soon about that trailer, about hoping it wouldn’t be released online prior to its release to theaters. It has been. It’s out now. And I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and watch it, so I can report on it, because I am a professional and that’s what a professional would do. Just know that, if I had my druthers, I’d wait to catch this trailer on the big screen. *sigh* Alright, let’s give it a go. If you haven’t watched it yet, and you don’t care to wait to see it properly in the movie theater, you too can view it here.

I’m going to watch it now.

Okay, I just watched it.

Ah, sookie sookie, now! That looks *good*!

When I first read that the Invisible Man in this film was going to be something of a stalker I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. Sexual predators are so despicable. I could never root for one, and I always, always root for the Monster. Always. Especially if it’s one of the classic Universal Monsters. But if the Monster in question is insane, it isn’t really his fault, right? And the possibilities for some genuine creepiness are inherently rife in the story of a woman being stalked by someone invisible. And Griffin, the original Invisible Man, was a little off his rocker, too, and did some pretty nasty things, and I still adored him. I can’t wait until this movie opens!

TheCheezman • November 14, 2019

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