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A Trip to THE SHED

This forthcoming vampire flick, THE SHED, should not be confused with the Christian novel of the same name that took off a few years back. No, wait, that’s THE SHACK. Never mind. They don’t have the same title, and they for sure don’t have similar plotlines.

THIS movie is about a bullied teenager who hits the revenge jackpot and finds a vampire “living” in the shed out back. “We always respond to story ideas that beg the question ‘What if?. Maybe its kids stuck on a ski lift, or two guys chained up in a dingy bathroom, or scuba divers abandoned in the middle of the ocean. This time it was watching the news and seeing another senseless school shooting by a bullied teen and we wondered what if he didn’t have his Dad’s AR-15, but rather…and that’s THE SHED.” Sounds good. Sorta like THE BIRCH with a vampire. I’ll have to check this one out as soon as I can. It somewhat puts me in mind of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, and the American remake, LET ME IN (which, to be honest, I liked better). The scene where the little vampire takes out the bullies who are messing with her new friend in a most satisfying manner. I hope for more of that from THE SHED. It’s always enjoyable to see bullies get shredded by vampires.

TheCheezman • October 13, 2019

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