A Very Twilight Christmas!

If you think about it, Twilight is the perfect way to decorate your Christmas tree. Not only does it let you bring your love of the Cullens and Jacob Black into the holidays, but the chocolate browns, golds, and bronzes that are the color scheme for New Moon go perfectly with the Christmas season. Here are some great tips to get your Twilight tree up and sparkly! (Just like the Cullens!)

First of course, you must have the perfect Twilight ornaments to hang off your beauty tree. There are tons of Twilight ornaments out there. Ebay, CafePress, and Amazon are all great places to look. The one we have up in the pic is of the Cullen family crest! Hang these up on your tree but remember not to overdo it. After seeing ten Christmas balls that all say “Team Jacob,” the look will start to get old. Plus, completely decorating your Christmas tree in this fashion will get pretty pricey.

You can also use red apples to place all over your tree. This of course comes from the first Twilight cover (which I actually prefer over all the movie-themed covers.) Red apple ornaments are also very easy to find because they are already a very popular Christmas decoration. You can also hang red ribbon all over the Christmas tree in place of tinsel or garlands. This will also tie in nicely to the Twilight theme. And while you’re there, don’t forget to attach some fake red roses (or real ones, if you’re really in the money and don’t mind swapping them out every couple of days for fresh ones.) Also try tying some white plastic forks to the tree with red ribbon. Only the truest of Twilight fans will put together the Forks, Washington connection!

Find a Twilight blanket or throw and spread this out around the base of the tree to act as your tree skirt. If you’re using a real Christmas tree and don’t want to get your fave characters covered in sap and water, use a solid red or black tree skirt instead. And to top off the look, tie up each book individually in satin red ribbon. Make sure to leave the books unwrapped so that you’ll be able to see what they are while they sit under the tree.

This is certainly one way to keep you thinking of your favorite vampires throughout the holiday season! Here’s hoping everyone has a very Cullen Christmas!

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