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A Visit to the Torture Museum

Several of the exhibits on display at the Medieval Torture Museum in Saint Augustine, Florida, the first museum of its kind in the country, are the real deal, the genuine article. Meaning they were really used in the past to torture people.

Does some of that psychic residue still cling to the pieces? I’d have to say yes, it does. It *might* have just been my imagination, combined with the moans and screams playing quietly as ambient noise over the PA system and the flickering, dim lighting, but even I, who am not “sensitive” to such things, had a creepy feeling come over me. The person with whom I visited the museum, on the other hand, IS a sensitive, and she assured me that my instincts were correct. There’s some grim juju in that museum.

In addition to the authentic pieces, there are several that are “hands on,” allowing you to tug on ropes or lift the lids of chests. You can operate the mock guillotine and set the pendulum from the recreation of Poe’s “Pit and the Pendulum” a-swayin’. It’s wonderful fun for both the Horror lover and the history lover—even if you do get a few chills down your back at times.

TheCheezman • September 21, 2018

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