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A Voyage to Draculaland

The Haunted Halloween Horror Vampire Vacation for travelers of all ages.

This brings to mind that Matchbox 20 song, wherein the lead singer complains about the “real world” being such a hassle. I feel that way every day, and usually in regards to money. Right now, I’m lamenting my lack of sufficient funds to take part in TERROR TOURS upcoming HALLOWEEN DRACULA TOUR FAMILY VACATION, running October 27th through November 3rd. I tried to make myself feel better about having to miss it, telling myself it wouldn’t be a really thorough tour, that they’d probably just go to Castle Bran and tell the suckers it was “Dracula’s Castle” and such. Sadly, no dice. While Bran is on the itinerary, so is the site of the REAL Castle Dracula at Poenari.

I kept reading. It got worse. They plan to tour Snagov, Drac’s not-so-final unresting place. The tour encompasses Sighisoara, his birthplace, and will trace the fictitious journey taken by Jonathan Harker through the Borgo Pass in the novel DRACULA. There will also be stopovers in haunted graveyards, a torture museum, and a lavish costume party and banquet. This would be heaven for me, pure and simple, a spooky paradise. Is it too late for me to set up a GoFundMe account?



TheCheezman • September 25, 2015

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