Abigail Breslin Twihard, Johnny Depp Talks Dark Shadows, and Damon’s Challenger in this Week’s Vampire Bites!

Abigail Breslin, alas, yet another preteen is struck with the Twilight fever! Apparently, not only has Breslin caught Twilight-fan-fever, but she’s also sided with either Team Edward or Team Jacob. But will she say which one? And why is she so paranoid about the other Twihards? Maybe it’s because in her new movie… she is a vampire killer! Mwahahahaha!

And speaking of crazed Twilight fans, there has been a lot of hubbub over yet another fake vampire attack, reported to the police by a Twilight-obsessed teenage girl. Find out why the fake vampire victim was arrested, and why  her partner in crime might be getting in even bigger trouble…. and where she got all those bite marks that she blamed on some unknown attacker.

The guy who plays Aidan Turner on SyFy’s remake of Being Human, Sam Witwer, claims that Aidan could take Damon in a fight. Ha, no. Damon has superspeed, super-angst, and not to mention, he gets all that whiskey-rage from boozing all the time, plus he’s super-hot, and no offense guy, but Damon, or Ian Somerhalder was on Lost. You were on Gamer, and for like ten minutes, so before you start feeling too froggy, check yo’self.

Richard Dansky of ‘The Escapist’ online mag, states rather boldly ‘Zombies Rule, Vampires Drool‘. Whoa, whoa, whoa there. While he might be making a debatable point with his assertion that vampires aren’t scary anymore, he’s also asking for serious trouble. Even zombie fans have said that zombies are way over done, and the fan base for zombies vs. vampires…. well, someone should definitely walk this guy to his car after work, once a statement like that’s been made.

Johnny Depp has been talking to MTV about his upcoming role on the adaptation of Dark Shadows, which, FYI, is going to rock! Johnny Depp playing a vampire? It’s like, a wet dream for anyone who loves vampires, and loves Johnny Depp. I’ve been waiting so see Depp play a hot vampire for… like, forever. I’d like to see Depp play a -bad- vampire, and Depp hasn’t been a bad guy since… The Secret Window.

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