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You’ve seen it all by now. The Internet’s dark underbelly, slimy and slick, poked up for you to touch and maybe even vivisect, if that’s what you’re into. There are a variety of Vampires sites, all dedicated to giving you bits and pieces of what you really crave; oh trust me, we know what it is. You want all the hottest vampire guys, and girls in one place; all the nastiest vampire hybrids here, –you can practically smell the viscera. We’ve got contests for vampire wannabes, and vampire writers, giving away some of the coolest swag.  We know you want all the darkest vampire tunes in one place, so you can learn all the gory details behind the sound. Let’s not forget your aching desire to find all the fangs from film in one hot spot; we’ve got film reviews, and all the latest news about who’s sucking who, –vampires that is.

Need to know when to mount the garlic, holy water and crosses? Don’t worry, we have all the latest vampire news, whether you’re one of the dead, the undead, or cattle for the feeding. Not that superstitious nonsense will save you when someone hot and hungry comes knocking on your door. We cover meetings from various vampire associations, so if the subculture is where you hang your hat, we’ve got interviews and transcripts from the wisest of vampire minds. You can find your favorite type of TruBlood here; are you an O- or a B+ kind of girl? –Every TrueBlood show is updated with a full synopsis by a certain seductress currently running rampant in the streets… don’t let her catch you doing V. Do you dig vampire games? Don’t worry, we do too, and we’ve done all the heavy shovel work. You won’t find us segregating the Brujah from the Nosferatu, and we won’t make you sit in the back of the bus for being a ghoul.

If you’re a bookish type, who keeps your blood donor in the library, next to your favorite selection of vampire fiction, we’ve got what you need. A friendly fiend who makes its business keeping you update on all the latest vampire fiction… and non-fiction. So sit down, pull up a chair, let us creep to you, and give you what you really want, out here in the dark part of the world. Don’t close your eyes, and don’t be afraid. After all, can we really be….


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