Adrian Lux Can’t Sleep … Because He’s Busy Running from Swedish Vampires!

It’s not just writers, television producers, and film producers, that are cashing in on all the megabucks flowing from the vampire craze; it’s musicians too. Normally, this would make me insane with cranky bitch-fit rage, but I love Swedish pop, and generally most Eastern European music, –plus, Adrian Lux is way hot. We recently got a big tip from a super secret source that Adrian’s latest single, “Can’t Sleep” has a newly released vampire version of its video. Well, the source isn’t really super-secret, but it’s fun to pretend. Anyway, in the video, Adrian’s being chased by crazy vampire chicks through the Swedish winter landscape.

Remind you of anything? The video, produced by the Stockholm based company La Vida Locash, is filmed in slow motion, and reminds me a lot of Let the Right One In, with the cold, slow scenery and action. That, and because of all the beautiful young people involved; I don’t know what it is, but the Swedish youth just look absolutely angelic. It’s probably because they have a special gene implanted by the ridiculously cold weather.

The original version of the video is a love story played out between two gay men; it’s very emotional and sweet, though not as artistic and universally adored as the vampire version. That’s okay, still hot. The first version of the video came out just in time too; Sweden just legalized same sex marriage. By the way, the song is awesome, watch the video, but listen to the music too. And while I’m throwing demands around, you should dance, bitches, dance!

By annimi

Ashley writes for,, and other sites in the Darksites Network. She's involved in several seedy and disreputable activities, smokes too much, and spends her late nights procrastinating for work on her first novel.


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