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-Ah, Blood Freak

I’m not going to offer a “review” of this movie, because quite honestly I wouldn’t know whether to tell you to watch it or skip it. I would tend towards the latter, yet the movie itself is such a curiosity that it shouldn’t be forgotten, even if it is a lousy movie. Let me just report on it, then. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if it’s something you want to seek out.

First, there’s the movie’s star, Steve Sipek, whose only other claims to fame are having played the lead in a Spanish Tarzan bootleg film and then keeping numerous large cats as pets at his home in Florida. (He made headlines when one of them excaped and tragically was killed.) Sipek plays a guy whose head is replaced by the head of a giant turkey after he gets stoned on marijuana. He then craves blood, but not just any blood. He wants the drug-infused blood of other drug users. Is this supposed to be some kind of allegory, a warning against the dangers of drugs? Is it supposed to be some sort of weird “Christian” film? After the rampage of the Blood Freak is revealed to have been nothing more than a drug-fueled hallucination, the lead character is “saved” after a character named “Angel” encourages him to turn his life over to God. Moralizing anti-drug propaganda, directed by a nudist, with nudity aplenty! How in the hell did this movie ever get made?!

TheCheezman • June 17, 2019

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