Alan Ball Spills the Blood on New True Blood Comic Series

If you love True Blood, love comics, horror comics, vampires, –well, then you’re probably a pretty big nerd. But that’s okay, because nerds kick ass! Alan Ball has announced yet another wet-dream for True Blood fans, –a six part comic book series that follows some of the as of yet unknown history of many of the characters. Fans of the Southern Vampire Mysteries might have some trouble wrapping their minds around some the character history here, since the backgrounds on the characters are pretty much strictly ‘show mythology’. For those who haven’t read the books, –you’re missing out on a lot of awesomeness, and some realy great forum debates.

The new comic book series was announced by Alan Ball himself.

The comic series story will cover the main characters, like Eric, Sookie, Bill, Sam, Tara, and Jason, –they’re held hostage by some kind of demon that feeds off of guilt and misery, so it forces the crew to relive some of their worst, most shameful memories.Each volume, or issue in the series will cover the background of one member of the True Blood gang, as they all get up close and personal with each other, –and you know, the demon. For anyone who ever wanted to know more about the True Blood characters, it’s a dream come true! You can pre-order your first issue now on HBO, but the first book isn’t officially released until July.

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