Today, little monsters united in the Haus of Gaga; they literally crashed Lady Gaga’s website, secondary website and Twitter page. There was a lot of love and support for the gothic queen across the world. Why, do you ask? Her next single, “Alejandro” premiered across the web.

In the past, I have referred to Lady Gaga as a “vamp tramp” and added her to a list of who I thought would make for a hot vampire. I use the term “gothic queen” above because the overall feel of “Alejandro” is well, quite gothic.

In the beginning of the video, the camera scrolls across a scantily clad sergeant-type sporting fishnets and high heels; it’s almost as if the director of this video really had a thing for The Rocky Horror Picture Show (yes, the RHPS is quite gothic all on its own).

The rest of the video is set-up to sport Gaga’s manly monsters; they’re also dressed very ambiguously: cropped bobbed wigs, manx (man spanx), high heels and fishnets galore! These men sure know how to dance and they exquisitely frame the Lady herself … especially in certain sexually-charged scenes (on beds, on the floor, and so on and so forth).

Check-out “Alejandro” here!

A few of the scenes were open-ended, especially the flying nun religious scenes. Lady Gaga looks like she is on her death bed, sporting a red nun’s garb, and swallowing black as night rosary beads. If you ask me, religious persons are going to have a cow; and if the Pope gets wind of this artistic monstrosity, he’s going to be p-i-s-s-e-d pissed!

Overall, it was a great follow-up from her last video “Telephone.” All hail the slow return of the long music videos we all loved and adored in the 80s and 90s. Gaga comes through again and I’m quite satisfied!

– Bryce


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  3. I agree that LG is the vamp tramp gothic queen! alejandro is just an OK video and song but the message is so much more, man! I feel that she has an army of vampires (i.e. the boys with bad hair) Hottie Hot Hot!!!!

  4. Very gothic:) I personally liked it. Not the best vid in the ENTIRE world but definitely shows a tremendous effort and a change in her style which I’m enjoying watching:) Worship our new gothic queen!!! Lol;)

  5. At the start of the video she flashes her fangs, its only a second so easy to miss, and on her twitter account she posted a pic of some rose gold fangs she got for her birthday

  6. OMG ur so rite, caitie. it took me a few tries to see them but right around 2:26 into the video, lady gaga flashes her golden fangs at us for an instant. she truly is our lady of vampire graciousness! hail lady of darkness … that is, LADY GAGA!

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