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Alice Cooper and Dracula Bob Get Funko’ed

There’s no denying that I love me some Funko. It’s the coolest toy company around, hands down. There aren’t many properties that Funko hasn’t honored by fashioning action figures or collectibles based upon them. To that vaunted list we can add a couple of new names: Shock-Rocker Alice Cooper and Dracula Bob from season two of STRANGER THINGS. The Cooper Pop! Action figure, which is the standard Funko figure–big head, little body–will be available in two version, one wearing a top hat and one in a straitjacket. Both will be available in May. I’ve already put in my preorder.

There are several new Funko figures featuring the season two cast of STRANGER THINGS: “Punk” Eleven, Steve wearing sunglasses, Billy dressed up as The Terminator, Hopper wrapped up in vines, a Hot Topic exclusive (which means you’ll have to pay extra for it on eBay) of Steve in the Upside-Down, and Bob wearing scrubs. The “Dracula” Bob will be available only from Gamestock. And that aforementioned eBay thingie.

The latter is adorable, with its gap-toothed fangs, but honestly I think the coolest of the figures is the Upside-Down Steve. I wonder if there’s any way we could get a special Upside-Down version of Alice Cooper? Does Funko do custom work? (Yeah, I know, but a collector can dream.)

TheCheezman • March 5, 2018

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