Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop are Fanging Things Up

Finally! I’ve been hearing about this movie for so long, and was completely unable to find any new information about it. Even friends have been pestering me, –why don’t -I- have the scoop on ‘Suck’? I’m supposed to KNOW these things! Of course, you can’t tell your audience that you’re not psychic, and you can’t beat any producers into submission, but you can keep a wary eye on the dawn of the blogging world, of course. And finally, we found some news floating around on the Net, and snagged it! Suck, with Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop, is coming to DVD, yay!

MoreHorror has … More Info:

“No Twilight Eclipse here, but ‘Suck’ is a rock-n-roll vampire flick directed by Rob Stefaniuk of Canada. The film stars Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Moby, Henry Rollings, Jessica Pare, Malcolm McDowell and Dave Foley.

The blood thirsty movie will be distributed in the U.S. by E1 which will include various outlets including VOD, DVD, and digital.

Shock Till You Drop reports that E1 will team up with D&E Entertainment for a one-night-only U.S. theatrical showing of ‘Suck’ in September that will precede a home video and digital release prior to the Halloween season.

The movie centers around a struggling band, ironically called ‘The Winners’, who want a recording contract and will go to any extreme in order to become famous.

Following a life altering run in with a vampire, they catapult to fame and essentially find out that popularity and financial success are not what they expected.”

Alice Cooper is going to play a vampire!? Hell yes! The movie is going to kick massive ass, –plus, they’re going to be jamming out the whole time! Cooper, Foley, and Pop are going to be too good to pass up, so as soon as we have info on that “one-night only’ theater premier, we’ll let you know. Until then, you’ll just have to get all sweaty and sticky while we track down those tight-lipped bastards behind the scenes.

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