Alicia Silverstone Vamps It Up!

There’s another vampire movie coming our way! This time it will be the blonde bombshell, Alicia Silverstone who dons fangs, along with her co-star Krysten Ritter. Both will be starring in Vamps,, a movie we can expect to see in theaters next year. Alicia of course, is best known for her role in Clueless while Krysten has had small roles in 27 Dresses, Confessions of a Shopaholic,and many more.Vampswill be the first starring role for Krysten. So, can you expect vampires tearing mere mortals apart while they feast on their blood? Or getting into savage wars and turning against each other? Sadly, no. Vamps has decided to go another way, and for serious die-hards, it might just not be far enough.

Vamps will be a romantic comedy about two girls living in New York City. And Alicia’s role may not be a far stretch for her as, from the sounds of it, both girls are very rich and are enjoying all that life can offer – or buy. But then they find love and both are forced to make choices that will threaten their immortality. Yes, I can hear you all groaning already. Or a lot of you, anyway. Just when it seemed that the world of vampire film was truly getting back to its roots and bringing us evil and fearful-looking vampires, here come two pretty faces that fall in love.

Even with the fluffy plot line, I’ll probably check out this film when it comes out. Sure, it’s kind of the same old story, with love causing vampires all kinds of problems. But still, it’s got vampires, right? So it can’t be all that bad. And, it’s got Alicia Silverstone, who’s pretty cute and a pretty good actress too. We’ll still have to wait quite awhile however before we start making reviews based on seeing the actual movie. Filming doesn’t start until this April, with the release not being until 2011, according to imdb. Directing the film, interestingly enough, will be Amy Heckerling, who also directed Clueless.


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  3. i reckon it will be fun twist on the whole vampire ‘thing’-you know something different and as well with krysten ritter and sigourney weaver.i dont mean to sound like a ‘perv’ or anything hope she wears that dress in it as the one in this photo on this website- ‘clueless’ vegan vampires’-knowing my taste i will find it very amusing-you go ‘girls’.col.

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