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All Things Romero

This article is going to be something of a potpourri. I’m throwing a bunch of facts into a blender and hitting puree. Then I will take the tasty sauce and use it to spread across the computer screen. Call it a celebration of George Romero, impresario-style. (Actually it’s just a bunch of stuff I need to report on, none of it long enough to warrant an exclusive article, lumped together. But it *is* all related to George Romero!)

The University of Pittsburg’s University Library System has acquired the archives of the late filmmaker. The archives consists of screenplays, props, notes, photographs, etc. Romero’s widow says that he left behind dozens of scripts for projects that never got made. Can we safely assume those scripts are a part of the archives? I sure hope so. One of those scripts that never got made into a movie (but is still supposed to be), ROAD OF THE DEAD, was given a comic book prequel series, ROAD OF THE DEAD: HIGHWAY TO HELL, but we haven’t heard anything about the movie since George passed away. And THE AMUSEMENT PARK, filmed by Romero in the 70s but never released, is being restored towards a hopeful future release. (Click here to help!)

Romero’s unfinished novel THE LIVING DEAD has been finished by author Daniel Kraus and is scheduled for release in 2020. And lastly, Romero’s children’s book THE LITTLE WORLD OF HUMONGO BONGO, which he wrote back in the 90s, is finally haunting bookshelves.

TheCheezman • June 3, 2019

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