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I don’t know if the show has jumped the shark or not. I thought that it possibly had after last season. Honestly it’s way too early to tell. We’re only one episode in to the new season (it will be two by the time you read this) and it neither excelled nor failed for me. I am interested enough to tune in for episode two, and maybe the showrunners would count that as victory enough. Perhaps it is. Yet the enthusiasm I have felt for new episodes in the past is lacking. Probably they would say “Who cares? As long as you’re watching.” And for the moment, I AM watching. The question remains; how long will I CONTINUE watching? For me, personally, that shark may have been o’erleaped.

I asked myself why I felt so apathetic towards this new season, and it is because the last season left such a bad taste in my mouth. Without question the lousiest of all the seasons, CULT managed that rarest of feats. It sucked so badly that it made the really good stuff that came before it seem not so great. Like what happened with THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, and how before I saw it, I’d thought that THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN was such a great film, and now I have a hard time divorcing it in my mind from that piece of shit sequel. CULT was so bad that the previous seasons of AHS in retrospect don’t seem as great to me, and that just means that this new season is going to have to work even harder to hold my attention.

TheCheezman • September 23, 2018

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