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An Early Review of DRACULA

Thanks to THE DRACULA CHRONICLE on Facebook for this gem. It’s a report from the BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE dated January 15, 1900—119 years ago! Stepping back in time, peeps!

“DRACULA by Bram Stoker is the name of a book from the pen of the accomplished manager of the Lyceum Theater, London, and of the dramatic companies headed by Sir Henry Irving and Ellen Terry. The publishers are the Doubleday & McClure Company, New York, and the chaste and attractive work of the printer and binder is a worthy setting of the clear thought, the weird imagination and the reverential spirit of a volume of originality, interest and power. The story has been issued both in Great Britain and America for several weeks, but more than acknowledgement of its appearance has not yet been made in many quarters, for it requires, while it rewards, very careful reading, since its point of view or of treatment is novel, profound and startling.”

Whoever wrote that review for the newspaper got it, for sure. Did he (she?) realize just what a monumental work the novel really was? I don’t know if anyone did at the time, but the references to “clear thought,” “weird imagination”, “reverential spirit”, “originality, interest and power” suggests he might have had an inkling.

TheCheezman • January 25, 2019

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