An Interesting Theory on Where the Blood Goes

We all know that when a vampire bites a victim, the venom or blood (depending the theory, etc. etc.) from the vampire enters the human’s bloodstream and either poisons them until they die or until it has transformed their bloodstream and body so that they too, are now vampire. But, where does the blood go for the vampire that’s doing the sucking? Do they drink it, leaving their victims completely drained? Or do they simply bite them, as an act to kill, not to feed? Well, it’s pretty common knowledge too that vampires feast on blood because they need to eat, just like any other creature. Yet, they are not humans and so, cannot digest blood after drinking it as a human would – through the digestion system, just as anything else. So, where does the blood go? Here’s an interesting theory I ran across.

It has been suggested that the blood found in a vampire (or whatever it’s called once it’s been changed to vampiric fluid), has a spiritual and magical energy. It is this energy that flows through every cell and tissue of the vampire every moment. And because of this, it’s also why vampires are so beautiful and alluring. But, that’s besides the point.

Once the blood has been drank by the vampire, it travels down the esophagus, just like it does in humans. After it reaches the stomach, the blood is then absorbed by the vampire’s tissues and cells, because these are already flowing with the magical, spiritual energy of past blood. According to this particular theory, the blood from the vampire into the victim works much in the same way. There is a difference there however, that the human already has a life-force with their own beating heart. Because of this, the vampire’s blood simply has to be entered into the bloodstream in order for the transformation to take place.

This theory is interesting and unlike many, doesn’t have too many flaws that can be quick to pointed out. After all, it would explain the whole beauty thing, and would also explain just where the blood really does go. Furthermore, it would also explain why vampires ‘need’ to continue to kill or change victims, because blood is their life-force. But still, this theory does have some way to go.

Firstly, do vampires even have esophaguses? And, do they even drink the blood in the first place? Not to mention the fact that ‘magical, spiritual’ blood and tissue is also a little hard to conjure up. So, still hard to say but it’s an interesting thought and an interesting theory.


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  3. I recently read a book called The Vampiric Housewife. The plot is about this family of “living vampires” that is set in the 1950’s. But it turns out this town of vampires is really just an experiment on vampires and it dives into medical explanation of vampires like they are affected by sunlight and wood because of an allergic reaction, and thier venom is produced in the Paroid gland which usually produces salvia in humans. It was really interesting and a new look at vampires.

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