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An Interview with THE HUNTED creator Robert Chapin

You may recall my recent review of the Horror web series THE HUNTED. I asked Robert Chapin for some more information on the series and here is his response, slightly edited for length:

“‘The Hunted’ is a sword-slingin’, vampire-slayin’ webseries…one of the longest running shows online [and] one of the first…based on user content, meaning virtually anyone anywhere can create an episode. Regular contests with cash prizes and Hollywood judges helped to inspire filmmakers to create content…the show now boasts over 100 episodes with four affiliates in the US and episodes from all over the world. The series began as a class project in 2001 for Chapin’s stage combat students. Chapin has worn many hats in Hollywood over the years: actor (“Ring of Steel” and “Dragon Fury”), stuntman (“Hook,” “Army of Darkness”), and visual effects artist (“Xmen,” “Star Wars – The Force Awakens”). [He is] director in the feature film version of “The Hunted” which recently premiered on Vimeo VOD. The film features performances from one of the hottest women in the stunt industry, Monique Ganderton (“Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Captain America”), and classic villain and swordmaster Anthony DeLongis (“Fearless,” “Highlander”). You can find “The Hunted” on Vimeo VOD at For more info on “The Hunted” series, check out”

Unlike some of the web series out there, THE HUNTED is actually worth your time. And this is Cheezman talking, here. Check it out.


TheCheezman • June 16, 2016

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