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The UNDERWORLD franchise has run its course in the theater. I haven’t even seen the last two films in the series. I lost interest in it after the second one, and this despite Kate Beckinsale remaining high on my list of celebrity crushes. They then had two paths left open to them. No, three paths. They could start cranking out direct-to-DVD/cable/streaming sequels, each of diminishing quality; or they could have just let the franchise rest in peace. OR they could take it to television. Looks like they are going with the latter. As to whether or not this is a good thing, only time will tell.

Producer Len Wiseman has promised that the series “will be a pretty big departure from the films…more adult…definitely less comic book in its tone and character.” Okie-dokie. Will Kate Beckinsale be in it? Probably not, and that’s a big strike one as far as I’m concerned. Still, Wiseman has more cred, one could argue, as a TV producer than as a movie director (SLEEPY HOLLOW, LUCIFER, APB, and HAWAII FIVE-O are all his projects). And with THE STRAIN having finished its run, there is a niche to fill. Can Wiseman’s dead horse fill it? Said horse would have to resurrect as a vampire thoroughbred to manage it.

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TheCheezman • October 3, 2017

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