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…And Dracula Meets Ruthven

The degree to which John Polidori’s THE VAMPYRE and its villain, Lord Ruthven, inspired Bram Stoker when he was creating his novel DRACULA is open to debate. There are certainly similarities between the two primary characters, though if Ruthven was a major influence it is ironic considering how Dracula, appearing some eight decades after Ruthven, would totally eclipse the latter, would in effect swallow him up. Dracula and Lord Ruthven will meet in the forthcoming miniseries from the BBC and the creators of SHERLOCK, but this won’t be the first time the two have encountered one another.

I know that in the novel ANNO DRACULA by Kim Newman, an alternate history in which Dracula “wins” in the fight against Van Helsing, Jonathan Harker, et al and goes on to take over England, Lord Ruthven is featured as a character. Is there an earlier work wherein the two characters meet? I’m not familiar with one, though that doesn’t mean such a work doesn’t exist. (It does suggest that such a hypothetical work would be somewhat lesser known, as I am fairly knowledgeable on the subject of vampires, both Victorian and otherwise.) Anybody out there know of any work that dates earlier than ANNO DRACULA wherein both Ruthven and Dracula are characters?

TheCheezman • December 16, 2019

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