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And On The Subject of Richard Brake

While appreciating Richard Brake’s slimy-chilling-evil performance as the “Midnight Wolfman” Foxy Coltrane in Rob Zombie’s 3 FROM HELL, where he had the unenviable task of subbing for Sid Haig, who was, sadly, too sick to appear in more than one scene (and who died not too long ago), I decided to google him. Turns out I’ve seen the guy before. I have an action figure standing on my bookshelf that bears his likeness. Yet I didn’t recognize him. That’s the mark of a great character actor, that chameleon-like ability to disappear inside of a role.

Brake appeared as Joe Chill, the criminal who murdered Bruce Wayne’s parents in Christopher Nolan’s BATMAN BEGINS. And he is also the zombielike Night King from GAME OF THRONES. One of them. The first one. (The other actor to portray the Night King is replaced by Vladimir Furdik.) Brake said of his role as the Night King: “[The character’s appearance is] actually molded off of my face; way back a few years ago we did a cast of me, and they basically created prosthetics to go onto my face, my arms as well and pretty much down to my chest. It seems like you just pop a mask on, but it’s incredibly much more detailed.” This makes me wonder if they just glued Brake’s face onto his replacement when the latter took over. Foxy would have liked that.

TheCheezman • December 1, 2019

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