Andy the Racist Vampire (Short Film)

I know what you’re thinking, but seriously, this does exist as a gesture of good faith, –it was made by Daddy No Legs Productions for Anti-Racism Day, which falls on March 21st, next Monday. It basically shows that some people out there can have a sense of humor, and still be fairly serious. I think the video is pretty funny, and pretty decent, considering it was probably made on a budget of five bucks, tops. It uses satire to comment on the subject of racism. Don’t worry, there aren’t any real live vampires speaking out against racism; this video is pure fun!

Too bad, gays and the disabled still don’t get no vampire love? Oh well. A cute little fairy tale about a vampire who learns to enjoy killing not just one race, but all of them! I think it might also be something of a commentary on the fact that in vampire movies, you rarely see vampires feeding on people of different ethnicity. I can probably only come up with three off the top of my head, but other than that (I don’t count Blackula, that shit is stupid), I really don’t think there are anymore.

I’m thinking Interview with the Vampire; they feed on a prostitute on indeterminable ethnicity, and I believe Lestat eats several of Louis’s plantation slaves before they revolt and try to burn the house down. Then there is Vampire in Brooklyn, which was the answer to Blackula, in my opinion. Eddie Murphy goes around munching and crunching people; Angela Basset plays his sexy obsession. And then there’s the entire Blade franchise, which is just overflowing with a variety of races and ethnicities. Well, now we can add one more film to the list, however short it may be. Don’t forget to celebrate Anti-Racism Day on March 21st, this coming Monday, and to check out Daddy No Legs on YouTube. And what do you guys think about racist vampire movies? Are there other examples I missed? Or are all vampires strangely not attracted to minority blood?

By annimi

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