‘Angel’ Comic Returning to Dark Horse

Here’s some good news (maybe) for the Buffy fans out there –  Dark Horse recently revealed in the editor’s column in the back of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8: Riley” that they had reacquired the license to Joss Whedon’s “Angel” and would begin publishing new comics featuring the sexy vamp in 2011.

IDW Publishing has published “Angel” since 2005, while Dark Horse had previously held the license from 2000-2002. Both companies have distributed press releases confirming the transition.

Fans of the Angel comics probably have a million questions right now. Like, what will this changeover mean for the future of Angel. CBR News spoke with Allie and IDW Chief Creative Officer Chris Ryall for more information on the change:

IDW’s press release indicated that the publisher is coordinating with Dark Horse to create a smooth transition. Allie, who edits “Buffy Season 8” for Dark Horse, told CBR that this is being done “to make it graceful for everybody, which it’s been anything but, thanks mostly to me and some other things at Dark Horse. It was Joss’ idea to find these certain points, to really make things segue and to make it a graceful transition for readers and not just a big clumsy thing with no direction. We wanted to respect the work that both companies have done separately and kind of bring it together as we do this.”

But, Ryall added, IDW’s “Angel” books remain its own and the finales will pay off story arcs relevant to the last five years’ worth of comics. “We are not just using our comics as a way to tell prequel stories that lead into or explain anything that’s gone on in the Buffy comics. We are using the Angel comics to take things to their natural conclusion as we intended, but working in some of these plot points that Scott and Joss had mentioned,” Ryall said. “So it works on two levels. It’s not just being used as a lead in to what’s going on at Dark Horse, it’s taking our story to its natural conclusion.”

Read CBR’s full article HERE.

– Moonlight

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