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Angelique’s Cookies

Would you dare to eat one?

Actress and author Lara Parker recently posted on social media some photographs of gingerbread cookies she had made. Parker is, as all self-respecting vampire fans ought to know, most famous for her portrayal of Angelique, the sultry and selfish witch from DARK SHADOWS during the show’s original run (1966-1971) and in the movie spinoff NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS. (Being such a huge fan of the show, I actually prefer NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS to its predecessor, HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS, which retold the story of Barnabas sans Angelique. NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS I could enjoy as just an episode in “parallel time.” HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS rehashed the plot from the television series and in my opinion came up lacking in comparison.) It was Angelique who cursed Barnabas Collins with vampirism. Parker played other roles on the series, as did most of the actors who worked on it, and has, in the years since, written several DARK SHADOWS novels. Parker continues to perform as Angelique in a series of DARK SHADOWS audio dramas. Geeks may also remember her as the wife of Dr. David Banner in the pilot episode of the television series THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

But let’s get back to those cookies. I dig gingerbread. Among her many talents, can Angelique bake?

TheCheezman • January 7, 2019

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