Another Fabulous True Blood Promo Video

We have exactly one month before True Blood begins, –at this point, even people on their deathbeds have their fingers crossed, and we’re doing what we can to avoid speeding public transit, air travel, and electrical fires. The last thing we want to do is die before Season 3, and somehow, I doubt True Blood is considered an acceptable hobby in heaven. Or hell, –well, maybe Hell, it seems like they have all the cool stuff down there. And if you’re an atheist, well, no True Blood ever again. So be careful, people. True Blood is something to live for! And the newest video just demonstrates it even further.

That’s right, people: Werewolves. Sexy, sexy. Oh, unless you’re part of the whole I Hate Werewolves political movement, then, that sucks. But, don’t worry, I’m sure there are probably going to be a few werewolf deaths in this season, so werewolf haters have something to look forward to as well. With all the promo videos floating around right now, in a couple of months, quite a few of us are going to be experiencing serious deja vu.

We have a vast selection of posters and videos for True Blood archived on, so be sure to check back in on Sunday, for our weekly ‘True Blood Sunday’ goodies, and visit our True Blood archive, for show synopses, –written by moi, the Queen of Mean, –but also, all the awesome promo videos, and hot new Season 3 posters. Plus tons more about your favorite cast members, and characters.

By annimi

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