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Another GHOST RIDER? Another LEFT BEHIND? Say it ain’t so!

Not a day goes by without hearing a new story about a celebrity being a vampire, and new “old” photographs emerge from somebody’s basement or grandpa’s photo album.

For the sake of argument, let’s say that vampires really do exist. By this I don’t mean human beings who like to drink blood and call themselves “vampires,” but revenants of the supernatural stripe, more akin to our modern definition than the moldering, smelly, pestilence-spreading reanimated corpse of old. A vampire possessing the ability to remain perpetually young. What would such a creature actually DO with its un-life? After centuries, simply sleeping in a coffin all day and rising at night to search for victims, that would have to get incredibly tedious, don’t you think? Boredom is its own hell, as some have said. Can vampires experience boredom? Might they not devise ways to keep themselves entertained? Could a vampire choose to become an actor, a celebrity, hiding in plain sight? No one would suspect. Celebrities are supposed to be “weird” anyway. So what if they are only seen at night?

Take a gander at these pictures. Are some of today’s most famous performers actually vampires in disguise? Have they been around for centuries, lurking among us? I, for one, find the idea of an immortal Nicolas Cage TERRIFYING. Not because of his thirst for blood. Because then his string of lousy movies might NEVER end!!!



TheCheezman • June 26, 2015

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  1. David June 26, 2015 - 2:24 pm Reply

    LMAO….I like how you ended that…very funny. I’ve seen these pictures before, as a matter of fact I was just looking at them the other day. I don’t know when you found them butt those t hings have been around for a while. That is photoshop.

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