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Another Rook Sighting!

To refresh your collective memory, The Rook is a character I created—perhaps in more ways than one.

I confess that I didn’t put much stock in it the first time someone reported seeing The Rook when there was no one else in the house. (The house in question is The Historic Lowry House in Huntsville, Alabama, where my theatrical company, Evil Cheez Productions, frequently performs. Our last performance, in fact, THE TRIAL OF THE ROOK, wrapped just last month.) The witness, well, she’s special. (That’s a kind way of saying she’s pet-raccoon-goofy.) But now that a SECOND sighting has occurred, and this one reported by someone I trust implicitly, I can’t just laugh it off.

Have I created a tulpa, the same way Walter Gibson did with The Shadow?

The Rook was seen looming at the top of the House’s winding staircase, silent and unmoving, clad all in black with a hood, wearing a stark white plague doctor’s mask, staring down the stairs as if watching. The witness uttered a shriek and fled the House. When she rounded up some backup and they searched the building, it was empty.

I’ve gotta get the paranormal investigators back up there, asap!

TheCheezman • January 13, 2019

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