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The South Korean film TRAIN TO BUSAN is hands-down one of the best zombie movies I’ve ever seen. Most assuredly it is among the best to come down the pike in recent years. It takes the played-out trope of the zombie apocalypse and makes it feel fresh again, not by breaking new ground but by using all the preexisting pieces to fashion something beautiful and horrific, something that you’ve never seen before despite having seen it a hundred times. That’s some feat. As the movie was such a critical and financial success, it isn’t surprising that there would be a sequel. I hope they can capture the lightening in the bottle again. But some movies simply aren’t meant to have a sequel.

Some movies aren’t meant to be remade, either. Not in general, and not as English-language versions of foreign films. OLDBOY, anyone? Yes, they’re planning to do an American version of TRAIN TO BUSAN. I wonder if they’ll change the locale. TRAIN TO HOBOKEN, maybe? They’d almost *have* to change the setting, else why bother remaking it at all? But would it WORK if they change the setting? My gut tells me this is one they should have left alone, even if James Wan is attached to the remake.

TheCheezman • October 3, 2018

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