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Another Vampire Burial

This one is in Italy. It is the grave of a ten-year-old boy, according to this linked article. I have to wonder how, exactly, they were able to determine that he was ten when he died? Might this be an approximation, based on the size of the skeleton, a guess made by experts? I expect so. The remains, unearthed in a cemetery devoted to children in the Umbria region of Italy at Lugnano (the “La Necropoli dei Bambini”), date to the fifth century and the time of an outbreak of malaria. The skull has a rock shoved into its mouth.

Vampires of olden days were so troublesome that they didn’t even have to rise from their graves to cause trouble. Sometimes they’d just chew on their burial shrouds, or on their own bodies. This chewing was somehow supposed to cause bad things to happen aboveground. Hence the wedging of a rock into the potential vampire’s mouth, to keep it from chewing. I used to have to wear a plastic mouth guard because I had the bad habit of grinding my teeth in my sleep, which is bad for the joints of the jaw. Same deal. My plastic mouthpiece was probably more comfortable, though.

That rock, by the way, has teeth marks on it. I’ll just leave it to the experts to figure out how those got here.

TheCheezman • November 8, 2018

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