Apotamkin or rather, The Cold One

I’m sure we all clearly remember the scene in Twilight when Bella is beginning to get suspicious that there’s something “special” about Edward and goes home to furiously type things into Google. The camera views of what she pulls up are succinct, yet clear enough to give us the understanding that Bella has come across some Quielette legends stating something about “The Cold One” and how this cold one is a vampire. But,what is The Cold One? Is there actually a vampire known as this?

Well, the closest thing to any vampire legend that would bear any similarity to the legend of The Cold One would be the Apotamkin. This creature is unlike most other vampire folklore because it’s exclusive to the Native American people. The Apotamkin was a bona fide vampire however, with all the abilities and super strengths of other vampires that we know. It was believed among Native Americans that the Apotamkin would feast on the blood of any animal or human. And it got its name just the way you would expect – Apotamkins were very cold to the touch, mostly because they were dead bodies.

However, it’s been said that the Native American never really believed in the Apotamkin and that it was a cautionary tale told to children. This was used especially when warning children about wandering off by themselves with no supervision.

And, as for Twilight, Stephenie Meyer has said that in regards to her version and her version alone, she had no similarities in mind when writing the book. She simply needed to create random bits of Edward’s character and piece them together, cryptically, with mythical vampire folklore. Clever, though, how perhaps even without knowing it, Meyer has combined her own imagination of the Quileutte legend, with actual Native American vampire folklore!

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i did a research for school 3 years ago and i discovered that there is a dessese called vampirism because people who suffer from this deessese , in the past,had to drink human blood .maybe that why the legend of vampires exist
i am sorry for my english mistakes but i am not from a country were we speak fluent english

I was sure that its true maybe it is right but things are getting freaky if someone actually told me VAMPIRES were real…..

I found the same. There was a disease where the cure was to drink human blood. I think it was called vampiria. Maybe thats where the myth of vampires come from!!!!

P.S IM A HUGE TWIHARD FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

There’s no such disease :) and drinking human blood doesn’t cure anything, they just thought it did back in the day

There is a disease that vampires are based off of. It’s called Porpheria. Physicians told lords to drink the blood of their peasants. It wouldn’t cure them but it helped to stop some of the symptoms. I know this because my dad had it and I did a lot of research on it.

Guess What! I was up late last night and some human like creature ran past my window! and im not lying its true! I thought that I screamed so loud it woke the nieghbor hood!

ive always wanted to be a vampire coz im only 10 and im realy fast and not as strong as i am fast. i also have a avatar called daniel vamp who is a fire prince/vampire.he’s like my role model. from your freinds (and foes) of twilight, who do you think i’m most like?

look there was a disease back then and people thought that it was cured by drinking human blood…i am not sure if that helped cure the patient but anyway…i myself believe in ghosts , vampires , monsters , dragons and all that sort of stuff but they definetlly do NOT ecsist in our day…or do they…?

aqw inggin seperti vampier ynk kuat n tak prnah menyerah sepeti edward
cepat,kuat,dan dingin

yeah, i agree with with michelle… Vampires are based of Porphyria, which is caused by abnormalities in the production of heme. People with porphyria develop blisters, itching, and swelling of their skin when it is exposed to sunlight. thats why they dont like sun light… ;)

sunlight is not cause diamond skin at all…..

I want to know the cold one in 《Twilight》.
Like Kristen Stewart saw……It’s exciting and cool!

i can`t find out the reasonable existance of vampipers.i think the taxonomist should create a new species-homo vamperior.

i believe in vampires and i am 12 but they say in the paper that edward may be related with vladimere dracula in the olden days and they think that vlad was a vampire and i am a proper twilight fan i wish i was a real vampire like edward and bella out of twilight and all the others but do vampires still live today maybe i should do more reasearch and find out

p.s. sshh dont tell anyone that i love edward cullen more than my boyfriend xxx edward cullen for life on end or may i say robert pattinsonxxxx he is me babe xx

hola bueno m gustaria q alguien m ayude a localizar a la creadora de la saga de crepusculo, x q creado unas historias espectaculares para continuar con la saga de crepuscilo q serian un exito y tambien he creado una cancion para la saga. y quisiera q alguien me ayudar a comunicarme con la creadora de las novelas de la saga de crepusculo, para q pueda leer mis obras

i am a huge fan i like all of your movies especialy the eclips i like that one so much when vampires and war wols get together and fight the other vimpires and i felt bad for jacob because he got heart so i like all your movies

Question: I love drinking blood. I’ve tasted all sorts and I’ve never gotten sick. I can tell one human’s to another, because of the scent. I am NOT kidding, I swear. And people, their scent. . . But my skin is really hot and I NEVER get cold. I have fast reflexes, so what’s wrong with me?

i love you robert pattison so much please if you get please do send me a message i love you i have so many questions to ask you even this one why dont you want to be a vampire any more edward is so cute and a oppurtunity just comes one in a life time please send me a message please.

Blood is soooooooo delicious. Even some of my friends drink it. they love it. My favourite is B positive. Sunlight doesn’t hurt me much. And my skin, hot, even in AC. Am i a vampire? I swear I can drink any humans bloooooodd!!

I did not want to confess the truth of my being.
but in reality the vampires and the cold are not equal, vampires are people who drink blood, have many reflections, we fast, we are immortal, we have the skin cold, and we have a lot of supernatural powers.
but fear not those of America. we are hunting in Asia.

how many days u take a time if u want to arrive in asia? what transport actually u use to come here…..

I personally cannot decide wether to belive that vampires are real or not because if you think about it when has anyone ever heard of someone getting a weird bite mark that cant be identified? But on the other hand there might have been strange attacks and the government just doest want anyone to know until matters start getting worse.

Vampires really exists i really believe in vampires……..
but what wud u say about me?
cux most of the time i am really the cold one, obsessed vid water so much, hate garlic smell even cant bear that, obsessed vid mirrors and cant bear sharp day lights.

Garlic is not leathal. You have a ring around the coloured part of your eye? Other than that, you would know instinctively. Your heart feel different. your hearing is amplified, you can smell so strong, that you can taste it. theres an irony taste/smell to people, You can sense a small temperature change in weather, you are dazzled by bright light, (because of the reflective layer in your pupil now) and the most tell tale sign of all? YOU WERE INFECTED!!! Duh.

i wanna reserch it bc i am indian like jacob and we have ledgends like this. but the ledgends dont call them the cold ones.. we call them the blood drinker or like the creator. my people have simmalare legends. look it up.

tsk caqnt p;eople getoer iit i mean they r real n all but get over it!!!! if u love one so much go and watch a vidio of 1 any ways all the comments r great.
final thoght: fred
ps final tought:any 1 know how 2 sneak out of school :D

Vampires are real because if you look up scientific history about vampires it will give you all the information you need. I am half vampire because there is a sight where you can see if you are. Reply if you want the site of where you can find out if you are half vampire. Thank you..

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Edward looks pretty good, Bella is very beautiful, I think they are really good fit, support them, and more support <Twilight>!

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