Apotamkin or rather, The Cold One

I’m sure we all clearly remember the scene in Twilight when Bella is beginning to get suspicious that there’s something “special” about Edward and goes home to furiously type things into Google. The camera views of what she pulls up are succinct, yet clear enough to give us the understanding that Bella has come across some Quielette legends stating something about “The Cold One” and how this cold one is a vampire. But,what is The Cold One? Is there actually a vampire known as this?

Well, the closest thing to any vampire legend that would bear any similarity to the legend of The Cold One would be the Apotamkin. This creature is unlike most other vampire folklore because it’s exclusive to the Native American people. The Apotamkin was a bona fide vampire however, with all the abilities and super strengths of other vampires that we know. It was believed among Native Americans that the Apotamkin would feast on the blood of any animal or human. And it got its name just the way you would expect – Apotamkins were very cold to the touch, mostly because they were dead bodies.

However, it’s been said that the Native American never really believed in the Apotamkin and that it was a cautionary tale told to children. This was used especially when warning children about wandering off by themselves with no supervision.

And, as for Twilight, Stephenie Meyer has said that in regards to her version and her version alone, she had no similarities in mind when writing the book. She simply needed to create random bits of Edward’s character and piece them together, cryptically, with mythical vampire folklore. Clever, though, how perhaps even without knowing it, Meyer has combined her own imagination of the Quileutte legend, with actual Native American vampire folklore!

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i love twilight movie so much… and i love Robbert as Edward Cullen too…
i have the CD from the first until the last!
i watch the CD from over and over and over……

Wow, that wasn’t even remotely accurate. You need to do better research and learn to spell if you’re going to lie, because people much smarter than you will figure out you’re a fake.

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why do people think its just a myth.
well……face z fact they r real considering z fact tht…………..

I am the Vampire.
Say whatever u wanna say coz u guys are gonna perish im gonna drink ur blood till last drop all i wanna say is

die bitch
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How old are you?? like 13?? maybe you should seek some help, I think your obsession with the Twilight movies are clouding your ability to think rationally. For one, supposedly vampires and Lycans (werewolves) are sworn enemies so for you to basically lead us to believe you are vampire and your brother is a wolf is just plain crazy.

haha u make me laugh…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! there is no such thing as vamps that “vampire” u saw “biting a person” was just an insane person who needs to go to rehab or a crazy house.

this is true but how would any one know if vampires are real or not. they are supposed to keep there kind a secert. you should never belive every thing you see on youtube. you should also never pick sides because boyh sides have something every chould use. vampires have speed and wolves have a real life and can sun beth in public so think twice before choosing.

think about it.

I love Vampires and edward cullen well all the cullens,i also really like bella
and how she acts so…..yeah……..

i wish i was a werewolf, i would NEVER give up my fam for immortallity and i do like wat the cullens do..but i do not like vampires

vampires do exsist ,but those are the people who have problems . the people they name vampires are just people that have a sickness and they kill people for blood but vampires like how the twilight saga are not real ! its just a sickness

ja niewiem czy to prawda ze wampiry naprawde istnieja ale jedno wiem na pewno. .Film czy ksiązke mocno przedobrzyli.stala sie moda na wampiry a szczegulnie na zmierzch. Fani,,wampirów,, są obrzydzeni tymi wersjami mi osobiście podoba sie film zmierzch.Jest tam wie;le romantyzmu przyjażni zaufania i oczywiście milości.
I to mi sie wlasnie w tej ksiązce czy filmie podoba .Niejest glownym wontkiem krew wampiry i śmierć tylko wlasnie milośc i mama nadzieeje że bedzie wiecej takich ksiązek i filmów.

hello everyone i wish these things where real like vampiers and also iwish the doctor was real becouse i just wont to know whats it like to travel around the world okay thank you for reading.

who knows really about vampires ? no-one , ! point-blank-period like thats it ! so we just dwell on the ideas of the authors , but seriously if by chance there was a way i could become a vampire like edward or bill i would take the chance ! but i wouldnt want to become a ugly bloodsucking creature because thats a real monster !!

ok a mi me encanta crepusculo es como mi marca personal me en canta como robert actua robert para mi es un actor fantastico y tambien lo quiero es guapo bueno de taylor es tambien gauapo fuerte pero lo que mas me gusta de taylor es que en la peli es un hobre lobo

i saw many films about vampire and these books did not good. But i think vampire are a scary and they drink human blade. Yes, that may be truth. So if exist a some chance with man who drink blade is this possible?yes. So tell me vampire doesn´t exist the teori is man or women may drink own blade and we will cool they like vampire.

kinda. its not just having cold hands. if your eyes sometimes change. not all the time though. and if you get hungry alot and human food isnt enough. and blood is the thing that fills your stomach. thats how it is with me and my friend.

Are vampires really alive……. Well undead still today. After reading the twilight series and the vampire academy series all i dream about are vampires..but the truth needs to come out. Is there such amazingly beautiful and dangerous creatures?