Apotamkin or rather, The Cold One

I’m sure we all clearly remember the scene in Twilight when Bella is beginning to get suspicious that there’s something “special” about Edward and goes home to furiously type things into Google. The camera views of what she pulls up are succinct, yet clear enough to give us the understanding that Bella has come across some Quielette legends stating something about “The Cold One” and how this cold one is a vampire. But,what is The Cold One? Is there actually a vampire known as this?

Well, the closest thing to any vampire legend that would bear any similarity to the legend of The Cold One would be the Apotamkin. This creature is unlike most other vampire folklore because it’s exclusive to the Native American people. The Apotamkin was a bona fide vampire however, with all the abilities and super strengths of other vampires that we know. It was believed among Native Americans that the Apotamkin would feast on the blood of any animal or human. And it got its name just the way you would expect – Apotamkins were very cold to the touch, mostly because they were dead bodies.

However, it’s been said that the Native American never really believed in the Apotamkin and that it was a cautionary tale told to children. This was used especially when warning children about wandering off by themselves with no supervision.

And, as for Twilight, Stephenie Meyer has said that in regards to her version and her version alone, she had no similarities in mind when writing the book. She simply needed to create random bits of Edward’s character and piece them together, cryptically, with mythical vampire folklore. Clever, though, how perhaps even without knowing it, Meyer has combined her own imagination of the Quileutte legend, with actual Native American vampire folklore!


  1. Edward cellen and bella no combinam prefiro que ele fique comigo i love you edward’e and justin biber.hAaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have more paranormal forces’m sure I’m not desendente vampire a vampire, as Exeter have a demon inside of me when I get angry (a) loose this demon that takes care of me

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  9. Really vampires dose exists in this world?? i m also one of fan edward cullen….and……….LOVE edward cullen vampire also……..please reply……

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  11. i like vampiers soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mucH.and i like robbert pattinson sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

    1. No one knows if there is a vampire… Oh! please we are in the real world, those vampires are myth either stories, but believe me or not, there is no vamire anymore, some there is, but it will be built in an imagination Hmmmm…. RIGHT????

      1. No one knows if vampires are real and if they are why would they reveal themselves to humans to be locked away in a lab like a test subject the rest of their lives.

    1. Am also a vampire so don’t play games wit me because am wit the cullens

      1. i wish i will be vampire i love twiliht for ever. i hate Jacob I LOVE EDWAR bella edwar for ever <3 for ever in a proper die. love edward

          1. last time i checked Edward is a book character and he’s not real. So how is he suposed to bite you? And no one knows if vampires are even real? I’m still doing my research though.

          2. I agree with Kat at this point and since when do vampires sparkle in the sun , their suppose to shrivel up and die and I am going to look it up !!!!

        1. sme here….I just just just LUV him….he is seriously my life…I’ve seen twilight part 1…31 times….new moon (19 times)….eclpse (23 times)……breaking dawn part 1 (9 times)…..and <3 BREAKING DAWN PART 2 <3 (42 times)…..I luv EDWARD & BELLA…but yes I too hate Jacob….but yes edward and bella are a CUTE couple….just just just LOVE THEM…<3 <3 <3 <3

      1. it doesn’t matter if a real men sparks. just because He is a Vampire. besides, Jacob doesn’t spark like Edward does..

        1. am with u on this one,the dude has it all,tha face,the packs who would not lv him’

        2. I HATE HIM….u get it HATE…!!!!…..watever the packs are but he stinks, he is really really tan, also altough he has packs but Edward is stronger….so I am wid EDWARD!!!

      2. We don’t know if vampires sparkle up in the sun or shrivel up and die , but since they came up with those observations it my be somewhat of a clue to what really happens to vampires in sunlight and to find one is not easy.

  12. edward .. jakup love you sooo much .. realy love you .. i want to see you :( :( becuse i love levi :) :) ( edward ) <3 <3 <3 <3

  13. i would really love too be like them they are so lucky even if they only were acting i think that they are so lucky


  14. me encanta ser un vulturi y los cullen tienen algo que yo quiero alice y edward

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  16. everyone here r crazy. but i’m a member of u, haha, i aleo believe there r many vampires in this world. they may not kill people


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