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Aquaman and Dark Shadows

Okay, I got scooped. I admit it. I didn’t catch it with my first viewing of AQUAMAN. Others did, and they went ahead and posted about it. I’m not going to let that stop me, because I perhaps have something to contribute that those others do not; insomuch as I have seen, no one else has mentioned this thing that I have in mind.

I caught AQUAMAN on Friday night of its opening weekend, but the wife and I ended up going back to the movies on Christmas Day with our nephew, who hadn’t seen it, and that’s the movie he wanted to see. It was either that or THE MULE, and the latter is not my kinda movie, nor my lovely geek bride’s kind. (I’d be more likely to watch it than she would.) So we saw AQUAMAN again. During this second viewing, I was on the lookout for the little things I might have missed the first time. I did spot Annabelle the second time. And I spotted H. P. Lovecraft’s THE DUNWICH HORROR on the coffee table on Arthur’s father’s coffee table. Did you see it?

What the folks who scooped me have failed to mention is that THE DUNWICH HORROR inspired the Leviathans storyline in DARK SHADOWS. Fans of the show will already know that, but the mainstreamers? Nobody’s talking about it, so I’m going to claim to be first. I am the first to point out the connection between AQUAMAN and DARK SHADOWS. And now each of you can comment on it before your friends. Score!

TheCheezman • January 6, 2019

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