Are Angels the New Vampires? Plus! Book Review and Giveaway!

Angels have always been closely linked with vampires; after Christianity’s hostile takeover of most of the world, other beliefs and mythologies became a solid amalgamation, creating the complex theology surround Catholicism and Judaism. Gods, goddesses, monsters, and creatures, became angels, saints, and demons, –even vampires can be easily incorporated into the theology of angels, as Melissa de la Cruz has shown us, with her popular Blue Bloods series, where vampires are really just fallen angels, struggling to be forgiven by God for following Lucifer.

Angels have become increasingly popular in the media; the Blue Bloods are just one example. Other recent films, such as Legion, or 2007’s Gabriel, among others, seem to highlight a rising interest in angels. And just recently released from Viking Press (it’s actually a division of Penguin Group publishing), is Angelology by Danielle Trussoni. Trussoni seems too young to know so much about a subject most of us consider to be studied by old, cranky religious types, but, she writes with both knowledge and experience that one doesn’t usually expect in a debut novel.

The story contains both than a liberal dose of classical theology, clandestine conspiracies woven in intricate, powerfully political webs by fallen angels, called the Nephilim, the children of the Watchers, the first angels to take human wives. Not only does Trussoni flawlessly manipulate the apocryphal texts to make her story more plausible, but she also brings it to life with such skill, –that it’s hard not to look over your shoulder on a crowded street.

Though Trussoni’s Nephilim aren’t quite vampires, there are instances where she describes them as feeding off of war, death, and destruction. It’s easy to sink into the story, as an amateur angelologist, and theorize that perhaps Nephilim were the first vampires, with their pale skin, supernatural strength, seductive powers, and of course, incomparable beauty. I was left hungry for more, more, more! The book has been snapped up by Will Smith’s production company, Overbrook Entertainment, so watch out, this might be the next big thing in theaters.


I happen to have an autographed copy of the book, for one lucky reader as well. Send an email titled “Angelology” to, if you want it! Winner will be selected at random, –but you might be able to help your chances by telling us how much you love, –and Lindsay Prevette for making it possible for us to give you this awesome piece of swag!

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