Are Sanguinarian Vampires in Danger of Extinction?

We have dipped down into the basics of Sanguinarian vampires in past posts, and touched on how Sanguinarian vampires are people who feel the compulsion or the need to feed on human blood. Generally, Sanguinarians don’t drain their donors completely and they usually only feel the need for a teaspoon or two at a time. Still, even a lack of this small amount can cause some Sanguinarians to go into blood withdrawal overdrive and even cause them to have some pretty serious physical withdrawal symptoms.

Donors for Sanguinarian vampires are generally people that the vampire knows personally and has some sort of meaningful relationship with. They don’t necessarily need to drink from the donor’s neck, and they often choose for another form of getting access to the blood, such as a small slit in the donor’s palm. But you can imagine how difficult this must be for the vampire! Asking a good friend to donate you blood to drink on a regular basis. No, it’s not easy at all and this has brought into question whether or not Sanguinarian vampires are in danger of extinction. Without donors, Sanguinarians can become sick and the extent that the damage can cause is somewhat unknown.

Another theory that may support the extinction of Sanguinarian vampires is the fact that being a Sanguinarian vampire is something that one must be born into. In fact, the Sanguinarians pride themselves on this very fact. But, if donors continue to fade away, affecting the Sanguinarians that currently walk among us, will this not affect future generations of Sanguinarians in the way that it will lessen their numbers?

My take on the argument is that it’s certainly something to think about. But Sanguinarian vampires also tend to pride themselves on the fact that they are the only “real” vampires. Well, if this is true, then they are immortal, aren’t they? Kind of puts the whole theory of extinction to rest. Permanently.


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  2. I happen to be a hybrid vampire and to be honest, I myself havent met very many true Sanguinarians. If hybrid vampires like myself bred with other hybrids or what true Sanguinarians are left, we may be able to save them.

  3. Wow I never thought of that.. but yes it is difficult to find a willing donor without having someone think you’re a creeper and what not. Thankfully I have made a new friend who was a donor for someone in the past and I asked her if she’s willing to donate for me, but we’re so busy we’re really waiting to see if we can make the time to do it. It’s hard to get any privacy in a college campus. If you have ay more information on this, please send me anything else that could be on this site or another web site that you’ve visited. Thank You.

  4. I am a Sanguinarian Vampire, fast approaching 50 years old. I’ve been a blood drinker since i was in my teens.

    I don’t know how many Sangs actually only need “teaspoons”, i for one require aprox. 4 oz every 7 to 10 days. When i can’t find or don’t have a donor, I, like many Sangs use animal blood to supplement. With donors being very rare in rural communities, many of us end up using more animal blood than human, truth be known. I don’t know any Sangs who can’t get by using animal blood when they have to, frankly.

    I have 4 adult children, of which 3 are Sanguinarians. I don’t actually think there is much danger of Sangs becoming extinct. Most of us are aware that Sanguinarianism is hereditary, and we often see it in our children and even our grandchildren. I have one grandchild in whom the signs of being a future blood drinker are clearly evident.

    I am ONE Sang, my childrens father is not, and yet I have 3 offspring who are. I’ve replaced myself and 2 other Sangs, lol. I don’t think the population of Sangs is getting lower, in fact, I believe it is growing. I am not the only Blood drinker i know who has more than one Sang offspring so i have to assume that there isn’t much chance our kind will die out… its fairly simple math.

    With fairly recent research done among the Sang community, we’ve found better and better ways to store blood for when we need it. Donors have become less and less a factor in our health, perhaps that is why you SEE less of us. Healthy Vamps have nothing to complain about *chuckles* and as long as we blood feed we ARE healthy.

    All in all i think the future is very bright for the Sanguinarian population!

    Stay warm,
    Stay fed,
    Stay together.

    1. I would have to say that I don’t think Sang vampires are going anywhere anytime soon. Like any community or culture what is considered acceptable changes with each generation, that does not change the reality of those who are of a specific aspect or type.

      Most of the Sang population has went underground I believe. Those I have met are all steadfast in their disposition, most could care less about the vampire community or social system, no matter how eloquent they are, no matter how educated they are, when seen in public they tend to suffer from the stigma of the media and community. Eventually they will step back up into the light, but for now, only a few brave ones like Lady CG here really stand out.

      Deacon Gray

      1. Bless you Deacon, thank you!

        Sanguinarians, as a group, have spent more than a decade researching, teaching, and working together to support each other in finding ways to make our lives easier, safer, healthier… not to mention just plain happier. In truth, the more ways we find to adapt our lives to our needs, the less need we have to be public about being Sang. A Sanguinarian who is well fed, healthy and happy, has no need to seek other help, and therefore we tend to be less vocal and less “out there” in the public eye.

        I don’t think its a case of intentionally going undercover… I think that when we have everything we need to satisfy our Sang needs, the Vamp community just becomes less of a focus for us, when we don’t need the moral support and advice.

        So its not that there are fewer of us.. we just have less need to be seen on support boards, forums and other places where Sangs used to be commonly found.

        With the media and even some people from the community itself, sensationalizing Sanguinarianism, fewer and fewer of us feel the need to put ourselves out there where we can be criticized, and have our lives ripped apart by people who see us as something we are not. I know that myself, i spend less and less time in the community. I don’t NEED it. My Sanguinarian issues are dealt with on a day to day basis and my own life is quite peaceful and happy, therefore… who needs the grief? I stay around now only in the capacity of offering support to those who haven’t learned to deal with their needs, and helping them in the process of adapting their personal situations to their Vampirism, or i wouldn’t be around either.

        Thank you for you very kind words, Deacon.

    1. It’s what we have to do. When you experience the need, the “gross” factor goes out the window. Some of us end up enjoying it. *shrug*

  5. dude… i came on this website curious about a myth but i had no idea some people actually are crazy enough to believe you’re a vampire! i mean, im a devout (or would hope to be considered as such) Catholic and if you wanna hate on that above all i just try to follow the policy of what would Jesus do? and be a good Christian, even if sometimes the Church isnt always right because most laws were made by humans. so my point is, its not good to be a vampire. it sounds glamorous, but would you rele want to go to hell? didnt think so! so dont act like you are, crazies! however, i will sometimes just suck blood off my finger, and it tastes pretty good, but i dont ‘need’ blood. i mean it just tastes metally. like bad fish (which weirdly, i like) theres something wrong, however with people who think they ‘need’ it. maybe ur bloods laced. thanks and God Bless! :)

    1. god doesn’t exist, idiot. And its not these people’s fault they need a little blood every now and then. BTW asshole, vampires don;t go to hell, people who hate and discriminate got to hell.

      1. and yes God (*) does exist for one because there are vampires who connenect to nature and i have seen friends who told me that they say that god is real and they can connect to that so im pretty 1000 percent correct…
        but… you have your facts i supose..
        and other people such as my brain in mind do. so please dont discriminate people and their beliefs as such this is internet big whoop if that who calls person says that oh well. not like they are tryin to start a riot alright :)
        and i really do love this website this site has alot of facts that are amazing :)

        1. Okay, well if god exists then why is he letting babies in Africa get killed and why does he do nothing while people are murdered and raped and beaten? Where is your god while this happens?

          1. I’m not saying any of those things are ok, but how can there be good without any bad?

  6. are these types of vampires around the world or in this certain place it says they are to be?
    im learning all types of vampires and this is one far by most interesting vamp ive heard yet ..

  7. Too many false assumptions here.

    Needs of individual sangs vary, but it generally starts out at a few tablespoons at least once a week–not a teaspoon. A small amount still, but not that small. Some need more.

    Donors are not fading away. We are coming together and building a community like never before.

    Sangs are not all born that way. They just don’t want a herd of kiddies dogging their heals begging to be turned. That was a political decision I vehemently disagree with, so I refuse to support it. Any sang who’s been in the community since the 90s KNOWS better. The fact that younger sangs don’t…that’s a much bigger problem than the kiddies. That is just downright dangerous and unfair to everyone involved. Here is a clue for you–there is NO SUCH THING as ‘induced awakening’.

    The last line was catty and uncalled for. The biases and stupidity of a few individuals should never be generalized upon an entire group. That’s like claiming all psy-vamps think that sangs are just untrained psy-vamps. It isn’t true–most people know better these days.

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