Are You Prepared for the Vampire Apocalypse

If you are reading this then the world didn’t end yesterday as predicted. But, let’s say that the apocalypse did go down – Resident Evil style. But instead of mindless flesh eating zombies, we got mindless blood-drinking vampires, similar to I Am Legend. What would you do?

by_lychiYour hometown has been overrun by monstrous bloodthirsty fiends that attack everything living. They aren’t intelligent, they don’t speak, and they can only come out during the night. During the day they hide in darkness (stay away from the dark at all times of the day). They run on instinct and the need for blood. Hordes of vamps will break into your home to get at you if you aren’t properly guarded. They move quickly, bite and drain the blood of whatever being they cross paths with. Their thirst is never quenched – they feed and feed. The moment one bites you, you become infected by their saliva and within hours you die and become a monster too, the same for anyone who is killed by one. The only way to kill one of these vicious vampires is to decapitate it, burn it to ash, or expose it to sunlight. A gunshot to the chest won’t do jack shit, it won’t even slow them down.

The sun has just risen, you have until sundown to come up with a plan. The vampire apocalypse has spread throughout the city and you need to prepare for the night. Thousands are dead and are now vampires and when night comes you will have countless bloodthirsty beasts gunning for you and other survivors. What do you do? How do you spend the next few hours of sunlight? What is the plan to survive the night? Your current hiding spot won’t stand up to another massive attack by hordes of the undead all clawing their way to you. Give us your plan.

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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  2. i’d be a goner, but i agree with mari wells, i mean i know what one should do, but no way would i be ready before they woke up, my active cycle is almost the same, i’d go live with my b.f.f., she’s up all the time, and she’s a type a personality, that knows what to do, in almost any situation anyways, her only weakness/strength is the fact that she’d have to see it to believe it for herself, but if we were both to die. i’d want to die together

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  4. That’s very creative, Moonlight. I’d arm myself and take as many of those unholy sons of bitches with me as I could. But why do they have to be mindless vamps? Why can’t it be like in the movie Daybreakers? There are so many zombie apocalypes movies and bareley any vampire ones. I would like to see one where the vampires are all smart and sophisticated like in Underworld.

    LOL…by the way, Moonlight, I think thats the first time I heard you curse in an article.

    1. Lol, I curse on occasion (more so in person than in articles). Too much swearing sounds trashy, so I don’t go too crazy with it.

      I went with mindless vamps because it seems scarier to me. You can’t bargain with them or talk to them, they just feed. :)

      1. It’s basically 30 Days of Night/I Am Legend. The problem, I think, is that the scenario you’ve laid out is pretty much a no-win. My only plan would be to pack up and get as far from the city as possible, head toward a remote, sparsely populated area that the vamps would avoid because it couldn’t sustain them. Otherwise, you’d really have to be one of those doomsday preppers and have a fortified, stocked bunker already set up to have a chance. Even the real-world action heroes would go down pretty fast in real life against the kinds of predators you’re describing.

        The sheer numbers and resistance to bullets basically means a bullet to the head is your best bet. I would have gone with the intelligent vampires because that presents more options and is not so fatalistic. Sure, you can reason with them, but they need to maintain a high food-to-vamp ratio to survive, so they can’t/won’t turn many people.

        This is where it gets more interesting because you have to ask yourself: how far would I go morally to survive? Would I sell out my fellow humans to earn a reprieve from the blood camps? What would I be wiling to sacrifice in order to survive or does someone else’s survival mean more?

  5. Seeing as i live on an island i would first raid the supermarket for food and water hall all of that to the port and steal a boat and spend night at sea, in the morning returning to land to go and raid the pharmacy for sea sick pills that i had forgotten the day before, when resources fell low on the island i’m on no prob lift sales and hed out in search of new lands to plunder, i would become a post appocalptyc pirate of sorts lol

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  7. Blade style UV lights;
    Dinotopia style prisims & mirrors directing sunlight down tunnels; (attack during daylit hours)
    Underworld style UV ammo;
    modified light house to bounce light down tunnels;
    my cat, local squirrels, and myself learning The Force;
    Star Trek style atmospheric-hydrogen collector & engine, and;
    an old abandoned missle bunker that still has emergency food in it for decades.

    Being sanguivores, they would cannibalize each other, their Achilles heel of anti-sunlight and blood-only diet would work in my favor. With camera filters, any light source can be modified to be UV radiant, even candles.

    Given a decade, they would be induced to hibernate due to stripping global “food” supply, and nature’s law of entropy would naturally uncover their subterranian colonies due to decay from lack of supply and knowledge to keep them maintained.

    I would also need access to the Library of Congress and a replicator for coffee and other stuff, or I would be bored for that decade of isolationism except when the cat and squirrels start using the Force ;-p

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