Are You Team Edward or Team Jacob?

A popular discussion on our posts is the whole Team Edward or Team Jacob ordeal. Our readers really battle it out with one another over which man is better, so I thought I’d give you guys an official arena to fight in. But first, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Jacob and Edward.

Edward Cullen


– Edward is very polite and charming.  Due to growing up in a different time period he is quite the gentleman.
– According to Bella, he is the most beautiful person on earth. Good looks are a big plus.
– Thanks to being a vampire, he has some pretty awesome powers, such as reading minds, super strength and super speed.
– He doesn’t drink human blood.
– Being so old makes him much wiser and knowledgeable than the young mortal boys. Intelligence is sexy.
– He’s a romantic.
– He sparkles in the sunlight, which is beautiful.
– He is very very protective of Bella and does everything he can to keep her safe.
– He’s rich.


– His skin sparkles in the sun. While some consider that a pro, many think it’s cheesy and lame.
– Being a vampire, he has a horrible blood lust. Being around someone that craves your blood constantly will makes things uncomfortable and frightening.
– He feeds on and kills animal, if you’re a big animal lover then you’ll hate this.
– He is dead and ice cold, which means he isn’t all that cuddly.
– He is too overprotective. This is another trait that can be seen as good or bad, personally I think it’s a bad thing. Edward is over-bearing and controlling. I have a mind of my own and can take care of myself, so I don’t want some man constantly telling me what to do.
– He breaks into Bella’s home and watches her sleep. Some see this as romantic, but most think it’s creepy and obsessive.
– He never sleeps or eats, which can cause some issues.
– He lives forever, you don’t (unless he changes you).
– He can’t go into the sunlight without alarming people.

Jacob Black


– He is happy and cheerful. Bella describes him as her own personal sun.
– Being a werewolf, he is very warm. Which is great for cuddling, especially on cold days.
– He’s sexy.
– He also has awesome powers, like super speed and strength, as well as the power to shift into a beautiful wolf.
– He saves Bella from Laurent after Edward left her.
– He is funny.
– He is protective of Bella.
– In the movies, he has a WAY sexier body than Edward.
– He can go into the sunlight.
– You can have a semi-normal human relationship with him.
– Good with cars.


– He has a hell of a temper, which can be very dangerous if he loses control of his form.
– Being a new wolf, his control isn’t the best yet, which can also be dangerous.
– He is much younger than Edward and a bit more immature.
– He is also overprotective and controlling, but not quite as bad as Edward.
– He isn’t as wise and worldly as Edward.
– Jacob can be very aggressive.
– He lives with his dad and doesn’t have much money (for some that’s a big issue).
– He has a whole lot of teenage angst.
– He is a werewolf, some think of that as a turn off.

I shall stop my lists there and let you guys discuss your reasons for liking or disliking Jacob and Edward.

So, which are you? Team Edward or Team Jacob?

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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    1. honestly ! i think both of them are charming and cool . but edward may not hurt bella.he also save bella life.jacob may hurt bella when he can’t control himself.I’M IN TEAM EDWARD.:)

    2. team jacob he is way way way hotter than edward. edward looks like a fag…. No efence edward….. u look good 2….

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  3. Personally, i love Edward. Not only for his looks and for the fact he’s perfect, but i also love this impossible teenage romance thing he represents. He’s the type of the mysterious, alluring guy, who combines impossible love and danger, which is intoxicating for me. He is completely unrealistic, which is precisely why i like him. I am SO team Edward, although Jacob is a good guy and i am so sorry he suffers and all, but… Team Edward forever!!

  4. i think edward can take belle to timbuktoo for all i care. when he does jacob will need comforting. thats where i come in ;) lol

    1. I will have to go with team Edward he is intellgent and has the means to take care of bella. He drinks blood so he easy to cook for.

  5. it’s soooo hard to chose….i mean,i’m borderline obsessive with vampires,but jacob is such a sweetheart <3 so,imma have to say……..Switzerland ^_^

  6. I Brianna honesly like Edward but I like Jacob more so I say team Jacob.
    I katanna i cinda like Edward but i would never kiss him but jacob is also so hott!! :)
    SO we choose team jacob! so efence Edawrd your pritty cool too! :)

  7. I Brianna, honestly like Edward but I like Jacob also so I have to chose Team Jacob!!:)
    I katanna have alwayse had a thing for Edward but jacob WHOA hott 18 year old !! so i choose JACOB! we say to edward no efence..:)

  8. I’ll go for TEAM EDWARD…hez a perfectionist and way more perfect than jacob in whatever thing he does…im pretty sure tht girls kinda crave to get someone as caring and everything like him..he is totally unrealistic…and as a matter of fact,this one reason drives ppl crazy about him…jacob is definitely hot..i love him too…but edward just rocks!!!!

  9. TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAY! we like the fact that you are a vampire! jacob has a six pack and no hairs on his belly unlike edward!EEEWWW!!!

    WE LOVE YOU JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOGOGOGOGOGO JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Edward is intelligent and caring… so sorry Jacob
    Still you are one of my favorite movie characters

  11. i am absoulotly in love with vampires, so that takes me to team Edward, but i must admit i LOVE animals so that takes to me to team Jacob (i am still deciding if drinking animal blood is worse then drinking human blood) Jacob is sexy, totally, but it depends what you are looking for because Edward is sexy too. they are pretty equal in powers too: they both have strength and speed, Eward reads minds and Jacob shifts into a wolf, they are both over protective of Bella and they are both capable of keeping anyone safe. so idk where i stand in this, if i could have both guys, not killing each other, i would but i guess for now i will have to say i am on Team Edward because i really LOVE vampires! and of course that is no offense to people who are on Team Jacob, his awesome too :P

  12. Before the movies everyone seemed to be "Team Edward" I've heard so many people say that Jacob was just annoying and the second book was their least favorite, but since the movies came out and everyone had an idea of what they looked like so many people started liking Jacob because he had the hotter actor playing him. I agree in the movies Jacob is hotter, I'm not going to base it on looks, I'm staying true to my Edward! haha.

  13. team jacob cuz hes a real sexy beast. vamps arent suppose 2 sparkle, they shldnt evn b calld vamps they shld b calld the glitter glam. & if u wana like a sparkling vamp choose te 1 less ugly & go 4 jasper XP

  14. even jacob is strong ,handsome and all he do not likes vampires but edward don’t hate him.Edward is intelligent strong,fast,handsome,have more expiriences than…………………………………………….i’m in the team bloodsucker!oh.. no,no,no…TEAM EDWARD!

  15. TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the way!!!! Sorry Jacob, but I love how Edward is so caring and intelligent. :) Team Edward rules!!!!!!

  16. Edward can have Bella. But she needs to keep away from Jacob. She hurt him too much. But I think that she is a whiny good for nothing that deserves neither of them.

    1. kallie bardy i never heard her whine,ONCE!!!!!!!she did not hurt jacob on purpose.and i forgot to write this one thing on my other comment its about how boring eclipse was,i mean so what they killed that girl. wow its took so long to make breaking dawn that i forgot that girls name.

  17. team edward is so forever. i love vampires cause it is so cool,freaky,wierd, and freakin well i can’t think of another ajective that is good. i would love to be a vampire. no efence jacob you are cute and i do love wolves but vampires are so cool! by the way im patricks daughter and as soon as i heard this persons message about what day breaking dawns coming out i freaked and asked for tickets as soon as nov. 18th hit! im twilight crazy. peace out people!P.S rich edward. edward such a cool name.

  18. Oh. Pleased to hear all the lovely comments. It took me a while to find this on the google. I love you all. Jacob can suck it cuz Bella’s mine :P 

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