Are You Willing to Fund a “Shadow of the Vampire: Nosferatu” Remake?

There’s a Nosferatu remake planned. Or, there will be if you’re prepared to fund David Fisher’s Kickstarter project, “Nosferatu — The Feature Film Remix.”

Okay so, I get the main feeling of this article, and that’s probably, –“don’t touch the treasure that is Max Schreck’s Nosferatu, it’s brilliant!” But hear me out: “Revisioning” this film will not necessarily kill it. SotV:N will still exist, in all its glory, if the film is “revisioned” –there is stigma in a remake, true, but the remake is being planned by a guy who knows his shit, okay?

There was a time when I was a purist, –there still are. Particularly, the purism surfaces when recent, brilliant foreign films, such as say, Let the Right One In, –are remade into easier-to-digest simple films, that Americans can understand better; all you have to do is remove any subtlety or true cinematography. But this remake might actually bring a younger generation of Cullen fans back to a more classical vampire, and that, I can’t hate.

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