Asanbosam and Sasabonsam

In Ghana and Togo, on the continent of Africa, the Ashanti people have a fascinating and complex mythology full of colorful stories of all sorts, which includes legends and folklore of vampires. The Ashanti myths have various types of demons and monsters. One type of vampire is the Obayifo vampire, or living-vampire controlled by a witch, a concept that is shared by many mythologies around the world.
The Ashanti also have myths of vampire creatures of the forests, who are not controlled by any witch, but are monsters in a class of their own. These creatures live in nature, in the wild, and feed on passers-by and hunters. Two such creatures are the Asanbosam and the Sasabonsam, very similar in their habitat and feeding practices, though the Sasanbonsam have wings and are very similar to bats, while the Asanbosam are more like humans, save for their hooked legs and iron teeth.
The Asanbosam live in trees of the forests and feed mainly on those who dare to wander into their domain. They wait silently in their trees to pounce on unsuspecting prey, and rip out their throats with their teeth made of iron. This creature is a little unusual looking; instead of feet, its legs curve at the end, like hooks, which they use to hang from tree branches while they watch for prey to wander into the forests.
The myths of the Sasabonsam are also well known throughout Ghana and Togo. They also live in trees and will drain the blood of those who wander into their territory. These vampires, while humanoid, look very similar to bats. They are mostly human in appearance, with a human face and somewhat human body, save for their arms, which are short and stubby, and for the wings. Their wings are huge, some legends claim the Sasabonsam to have a wingspan of about twenty feet. The creatures are sometimes described as having emaciated bodies and twisted feet, and sometimes myths tell of these creatures having claws and horns as well, and some myths say that these also have iron teeth. Both of these vampires, though tree-dwellers, are deadly and vicious.

By Holiday

Holiday is a secretive squonk from deep in the darkness of the forests. She loves helping people, reading about obscure myths and folklore, and having adventures.


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