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Asia Argento, Sexual Predator?

Her name is familiar to all Horror marks for being the daughter of legendary director Dario Argento, and for starring in many Horror flicks herself. She played Lucy in Argento’s version of DRACULA. Creepily, she’s done nude scenes in movies her father directed. Also creepily, it has been revealed that she paid off a young actor who accused her of sexual assault. While this doesn’t prove that she did anything wrong, it does at the very least look suspicious. (Note: She denies the charges completely.) It’s also sadly ironic, since Argento was one of the women who accused pervert Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault.

Ladies, lemme talk to just the guys here for a second, alright? I feel you on this one, guys. I do. My first impulse, also, was to raise an eyebrow at this news. Even IF the incident happened, which is far from certain, a beautiful woman seducing a 17-year-old boy? That’s not assault; that’s every teenage boy’s dream come true. The lawsuit, then, would be nothing more than a shameless money-grab. The fact that the kid threatened a lawsuit rather than criminal charges, and this only after Argento went public with her claims against Weinstein, would seem to support this view. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t suspicious. I am. I see red flags all over this one. But guys, we have to remember, we weren’t there. We can’t say that it did NOT happen and we can’t say the kid was NOT traumatized, and where cases of victimization are concerned, we must give the benefit of the doubt to the accuser.

Whether Argento is a sexual predator or the kid’s just after the moolah, or both, it’s tragic, because this news only serves to make Weinstein look better in the eyes of a jury. Let’s hope it does not hurt the case against him when it goes to trial.

TheCheezman • August 28, 2018

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