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Aversion to Psychic Vampire Techniques vs. Discrimination Against Others: Success at the Cost of Those Around You?

Is there a vampire in your office, or in your life?

I have seen a lot lately, against psychic vampires; a lot of tips and tricks, and techniques to avoid these individuals. I have seen very little in the way of coping with them or working with them; for example, in a professional setting, have you ever been forced to work with someone you felt was a “downer” –someone who sucked the morale out of the group? Chances are, this person may be a psychic vampire, and they are completely unaware of it. 

I have been described as a psychic vampire; the distinction isn’t something I am uncomfortable with. People who listen and follow the advice of a motivation speaker to avoid and shun others are assholes. Fact: anyone advising you to shun anyone, is probably not that great of a person. If you suspect you’re working with someone who sub/unconsciously feeds off the energy of others, then befriend them, –share that energy, be relentlessly positive and encouraging, because chances are, if they’re down, or unhappy, there is probably a good reason for it. Don’t exclude people, –we’re beyond high school, let’s all act like it.


annimi • April 6, 2015

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