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Baba Yagas

So my computer spellcheck will recognize “Baba Yaga” as legitimate words, but if I pluralize “Yagas” it doesn’t. I thus have a cultured but specific spellcheck program.

We are in fact talking about *two* Baba Yagas, or two separate depictions of the character Baba Yaga, to be specific. The witch of Russian folklore will be appearing in the upcoming HELLBOY reboot. She has her own character poster. You may see it in the theater when you go see the movie. I don’t know if her chicken-legged walking house will appear in the film, but I hope it does.

The last time Baba Yaga was supposed to be in a move her scenes got left on the cutting room floor. Stunning Samantha Barks was supposed to play her in DRACULA UNTOLD, and the flaws in that movie are all the result of poor editing. They cut out entire subplots that really needed to be there. Without them, and without Barks, the movie was left somewhat anemic. Whoever made the decision to make those cuts ought to be fired. Bad call.

It is believed the portion of the legend concerning the house with chicken legs, by the way, was inspired by the stilt houses constructed by Siberian peasants. If huts were built on the ground, heat from the house would cause the permafrost beneath it to melt and the house would sink into the mud, so they would build them on stilts. That way the ground stayed frozen and the house stayed stable.

TheCheezman • April 18, 2019

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