Bajang: Vampire Weasel

The Bajang was briefly mentioned in this article about vampire cats. The Bajang is a Malaysian demon cat! This vampire is often described as appearing in the form of a polecat, which is more like a weasel than an adorable, cuddly kitten. This weasel-like, cat-like creature will mew at the door of its intended victims, giving a warning of its attack. This is generally a sign that a child in that house will die; the Bajang vampires especially like to feed on children, although these are not their only victims. The Bajang vampires, like many vampires, can also spread madness and disease among humans.
Bajang vampires are generally male, though not always, and they can be born as Bajangs from the souls of the dead depending on their deeds in life, or they can even be created by a living person. A person can be transformed into a Bajang after death if they have committed evil deeds in life. A person may also inherit the destiny of becoming a Bajang after death. If a person’s ancestors committed evil deeds, they may have passed on, and that person has a high probability of becoming a Bajang vampire after death.
Bajang vampires can also be created by a living person, and used to kill or torment others. The way to create a Bajang is by the summoning the soul of a stillborn child, and in most of the myths surrounding this vampire, the stillborn must be freshly buried, or must be caught before it is even buried. If this restless spirit is successfully summoned, the one who summoned it can control who it attacks or torments.
This is a disturbing vampire, who feeds on children, or may even be controlled by the twisted whims of a living person who was demented enough to steal the soul of a stillborn child.

By Holiday

Holiday is a secretive squonk from deep in the darkness of the forests. She loves helping people, reading about obscure myths and folklore, and having adventures.


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    Anyway, ferrets are amazing :) Love them or leave them :)

  4. What is the source of this information? Because I know of these spirits/demons too and it is said that they feed on the milk of lactating women. Also of a human form and no mentioning of vamoiristic blood-sucking.

    So what is the source of this information.

    1. And clearly what you know is the only correct answer. *Sigh* Isn’t this getting old yet?
      I’m not the author of this article, therefore I can’t tell you the source, but I can tell you one thing – there is never one version to a myth. They get passed from region to region by word of mouth and the legend gets altered. That’s why there are usually many versions of one folktale.
      Now, before you continue to bash every single post on here like you did on our other site, I highly suggest you stop and think. I have been researching folktales for many years now and just because you read one version of one story doesn’t mean you are some kind of genius.

      1. I know that there is more than one version. That is why I am asking what the source is, how else can I know that the author didn’t just made it up?
        And since you brought it up what I did on I didn’t bash everything but I don’t just believe either and when you talk about werewolves and vampires you have to draw a clear line on what is a werewolf and what is a vampire otherwise you might end up e.g. labelling the character Wolverine as a werewolf or the godess Kali as a vampire.

  5. And what if they are? Seriously vampires and werewolves can be just as vague as the bajang. Their are many different versions of one myth, such as vampires, werewolves, and other creatures. Just because you disagree doesn’t mean you have to bash it. It’s all based on ones interpretation on the subject. Like dragons, a prime example. Dragons from the eastern, Asian cultures are veeeery different than dragons from western, more European cultures. Heck I’ve heard that vampires can actually stand out in the sun, and that werewolves turn into complete wolves, and not just half man wolf beasts. You see, it’s okay to not like things. It’s okay, but don’t be a dick about it. It’s okay to not like things, don’t be a dick about the things you don’t like.

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