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Baker Book and PLAN 9 Model Kit

Monsters in Motion is a repository for all kinds of cool stuff. Stuff you can’t get anywhere else. I’m not getting paid to pimp them, either. This is strictly voluntary on my part. I do that sometimes, with sites I like. I have in the past purchased a THE TINGLER model kit from M.I.M.. My authentic replica Dracula ring, an exact reproduction of the one worn by Bela Lugosi in the movie, came from there. Seems like I bought something else from them, too, but I can’t remember at the moment. Anyway, they got the cool stuff and they cater to the geeks like me. That makes them good people.

You can currently buy this deluxe hardcover retrospective of the career of the marvelous Rick Baker at a special discount price. The discount leaves the price a tad rich for my blood, still, but it’s nice to see Mr. Baker being treated with the reverence he deserves. (That being said, if there’s no mention of OCTAMAN in that book, I’d be mightily disappointed.) Also on sale at this time is a model kit for an authentic PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE flying saucer. Had I not already made my own version a couple’a years back out of pie pans, like Ed Wood himself is alleged to have done, I’d be dropping this one into my shopping cart. I might do it anyway.

TheCheezman • March 14, 2019

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