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Bath and Body Works Beyond the Grave

Too bad the store chain Bed, Bath, and Beyond isn’t selling similar items to those currently being offered in malls across America by Bath and Body Works, because it would have allowed me to use a most clever and cheeky title for this article: “Bed, Bath, and Beyond the Grave.” See? That would’ve been awesome. Alas, if you want to purchase a vampire blood candle or similar fragrant Halloween-themed product, you will have to visit Bath and Body Works.

They have pumpkin-scented hand soap, “Ghoul Friend” hand soap, Magic Ghost bath bombs, even a black cat pom. A “pom,” in case you didn’t know—which I didn’t—is one of those scrunchy things you use in the shower to lather with. In addition to the Vampire Blood candle, you can purchase Vampire Blood foaming hand sanitizer. This latter is just $5.50, considerably cheaper than the candle. If you’re like me, you wouldn’t actually use the product. You’d just want it for the design. I couldn’t make myself drop 25 bucks for a candle I was never going to burn—or for a candle I *was* going to burn, for that matter—but I’ll drop an Abe Lincoln and some change for a container of Vampire Blood—foaming hand sanitizer.

You can order your own here.

TheCheezman • October 14, 2018

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