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Bathory Blood

It’s been a year now since my friends Wolf and Ali Mertz lost their home, their beloved pets, and their livelihood, the marvelous Museum of Mystery. They’re doing better these days, I’m thankful to report. They have a new home, which they are busy transforming into a reborn Museum of Mystery. They are acquiring new treasures. And, to help finance this repurposing of the MOM, they are selling some treasures, too, artifacts that survived the fire at the old museum. You can pick something up for yourself at their Facebook page.

Do you remember the Blood Countess exhibit at the old MOM? When it opened, Wolf and Ali had some commemorative necklaces made to celebrate. Only one of these, one of the ones they had that hadn’t sold, one that made the trip with them from Saint Augustine, Florida to New York State, and the only one to have survived the fire, was offered for sale at a reasonable price. Obviously I had to have it.

The mannequin used for the Elizabeth Bathory exhibit was lost in the fire. But mannequins can be replaced. And vampires never die. We’ll be seeing the Countess again. Until then, I have a little something to remember her by.

TheCheezman • February 18, 2020

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