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Bats are awesome, even if you take away the connection in the human imagination with vampires. Not that you could. Take away that connection, I mean. Nor would anybody want you to. Well, there’s probably somebody out there who does, but most people don’t. I feel secure in saying that.

This article here questions whether people dying from bites from vampire bats might indicate a worrying trend. As the article dates from 2011 and I haven’t heard of a single person dying as a result of vampire bat bite since then, I think we can safely say that no, it did NOT indicate a trend. Also, to be technical, the person did not die from being bitten by a vampire bat. Nobody could die from being bitten by a vampire bat, not even a hemophiliac, unless that person just chose not to treat his wound for some reason. The person in question died from rabies, not from bat predation. Also, there are no wild vampire bats in the continental United States. Unfortunately.

Bats can be cute and cuddly, too. Not that vampire bats aren’t cute and cuddly. I think they’re adorable. I want one for a pet. But I also think this albino fruit bat is adorable. His name is Tal’ngay Dha’run, or “White Wing” in the native Yugambeh dialect of Australia. Tell me that’s not cute!

TheCheezman • August 14, 2018

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